Stadium Construction and Stadium Types

Stadium Construction and Stadium Types

For many people, sport is like religion. Every weekend they make a pilgrimage to the stadiums around the world to cheer on their team and enjoy the company of like-minded people. Team sports in particular attract thousands of spectators to the sports facilities, but the number of visitors to individual sports is not to be despised, at least for large tournaments. The sports facilities have to cover more and more spectator capacities and they have to become bigger and more comfortable. Many fans complain about high admission and drink prices in the stadiums but these are only a reflection of the comparatively high costs of the sports field construction and maintenance.


Stadium Construction Costs


Depending on the size and purpose of the sports field, the costs for stadium construction, operation, and maintenance of the sports field are also determined. Small training grounds and the construction of football fields are of course not nearly as expensive as the construction of large and commercial stadiums. In the latter, in addition to the sports facilities, costs for the construction of sanitary facilities, spectator stands and grandstands, security structures, food and drink areas, players' cabins, etc. must also be budgeted. In addition, only high-quality floor coverings and sports equipment are used. The construction costs for small sports fields are much lower. Less high-quality materials are used here and there are hardly any additional costs because no grandstands or sanitary facilities have to be built. However, it is also important when building a hobby area that good drainage is installed.  Because if rainwater can flow off directly, no backwater will form and attack the floor covering.


A Remarkable Element in Stadiums: Stadium Grandstands

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As company Integral Spor, we are expert and one of the market leaders in the field of grandstand construction, construct grandstands with a sophisticated design and of highly functional, aesthetic, and ecological value. A membrane is used as a fastening and tensioning system for the roofing of the grandstand, and frames made of glued plywood and metal are mainly used for the roof structure. Such a membrane construction offers many advantages: the daylight penetrates the stands naturally, noises are optimally absorbed by the curvature of the construction and the temperature is ideally regulated thanks to the textile membrane. In this way, the costs for the construction of the grandstands remain controllable in the long term and a contribution is made to environmental protection.

The solutions designed by Integral Spor team in the area of grandstand construction already cater to the specific needs of the respective area of application, starting with development through to completion, so that the grandstands and the associated ancillary buildings optimally meet all requirements in functional, technical, financial and environmental terms. To ensure this, we have our own design office, whose know-how is supplemented by the involvement of experts from various specialist areas.


Comfort Under Athlete’s Feet

Hybrid turf is characterized all by its durability, which is why it should be easier for stadium operators to keep the pitch in good condition at all times. The lawn is equipped with a smart technology, which was created in Europe. With the help of this smart technology, we create a "perfect" oxygen supply, which is made possible by the air-penetrating surface layer. It also prevents the formation of sludge and waterlogging. Thanks to this innovative technology, preparation and installation could be carried out quickly.

This technology should also guarantee stability, permeability, and maximum safety for athletes. We guarantee that the advantages of hybrid turf include lower maintenance costs compared to other turf surfaces. On the other hand, super C and super V artificial grass models are also so common to use as a stadium flooring system. These variants offer a long-lasting usage advantage as well as innovative comfort feeling under feet of athletes. Moreover, these artificial grass models provide high-quality play experience for players during four season for many years.


With Stadium Displays Get a Bright View

In outside, the spectators want to keep an eye on what is happening and the score. Modern, electronic scoreboards have long since shown more than just results or scores. The display also shows key scenes such as the finish of the 100m sprint or the goal scorers in picture and sound. In the stadium, scoreboards have to be particularly robust, because even with sports that take place outdoors, the spectators want to be informed about the score, playing time, and the like. Since the displays are used outdoors, weather resistance is the most important criterion.

In addition, the distances between the spectator and the sports display are often greater outside than in a hall. A certain size of digits and/or letters is therefore necessary to ensure that the content on the display is still legible on the most distant seat in the stadium. With electronic displays, legibility is also determined by the surface of the front: an anti-reflective front and variable settings for the brightness contribute to good legibility even in difficult visibility conditions. In this way, viewers who have a slightly more difficult angle of view of the display can also follow the events. For distances over 400 m, however, lap counters are useful equipment in the stadium. With the weatherproof, stable lap counter, everyone immediately knows exactly how many laps are left to complete.  

Whether for the soccer field, for athletics, or football, in our range you will find a large selection of the most varied display boards in the catalogue of Integral Spor company. Our high-quality sports displays are available for a variety of sports and with different display options. Our LED display boards for soccer, rugby, football from high-quality models are characterized by good legibility thanks to large numbers, an anti-reflective front, and large viewing angles. The front sides made of ball-resistant polycarbonate are not only weatherproof but also withstand tough shots. A world-first in our range is the solar display panel, which is operated entirely by the sun and does not require any additional cables or connections. The climate-friendly display is the eye-catcher on every football field.


What to Consider Choosing Right Scoreboard

Sports displays are used wherever it is important to display statistical data on the course of the game. Today, LED technology is also standard in sports displays. In indoor sports, the control takes place directly during the event from the arbitral tribunal or from the timekeeping, so that the control panel must also meet certain requirements. The required reading angle must be observed. This tells you from which angle a viewer can still read the picture. Up to 165 ° is currently possible. This criterion becomes all the more important the fewer scoreboards are installed in a sports hall, for example, so that as many spectators as possible - and also the athletes - can find a favorable viewing angle.

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The appropriate reading distance results from the height of the digits. Corresponding information should always be found in the manufacturer's datasheets. The brightness of the display is also a decisive selection criterion. The luminosity is particularly noticeable in bright daylight or when the sun is shining outdoors, but also indoors. The devices can have sensors with which the system automatically adjusts the brightness to the given lighting conditions. Of course, it should also be remembered that outdoor advertisements are weatherproof and that a system cannot easily be moved from the hall to different stadium types. In the outdoor area, there are also fewer suspension points, so that a scaffold may also be important.

If the sports ad is to be marketed as advertising space, models are on offer that provides additional space specially designed for this purpose. A digital scrolling line for text information or an LED screen can also be used as an animating element. In addition, custom-made products are always possible with more or less additional effort. With regard to the suspension, the following applies the more complex the construction, the more expensive the installation. It can be built using aluminum profile technology or with comparatively heavy steel elements so that statics verifications cannot be avoided.

In the planning process, it is usually not the structural engineer who is the direct contact, but the electrical and low-voltage planner who reinsures himself with the structural engineer with regard to the weights specified in the datasheet and asks the client beforehand parameters such as the size of the device and the type of support structure. The connection between the control unit and the scoreboard can be made by cable or wirelessly by radio. If you want to be on the safe side under all conditions, you should opt for the cable, which is essential for precise time measurement in the professional sector, and pay attention to laying it, which does not become a trip hazard.


Experience in Construction of Diverse Stadium Types for Many Years

When planning and building sports facilities, functionality, resilience, and economy are essential. Our team as Integral Group of architects, landscape architects, building services planners, and civil engineers allows its extensive knowledge in these areas to flow into concept planning and development at an early stage regardless of whether it is about football stadiums, and sports halls or outdoor sports facilities. We have already redesigned a large number of sports facilities, worked on the renovation and expansion, and supervised renovations and we did so while the match was in progress.

We have specialized in the planning of DIN-compliant football pitches, whether with natural grass, synthetic turf, or flooring. Athletics facilities, hockey, and small and multi-functional playing fields with a wide variety of surfaces are also part of our projects. Our team consists of experts from various disciplines and thus we can also take on the planning of all technical facilities such as irrigation and drainage systems, floodlight systems, and, in particular, lawn heating. The heating of football pitches in particular is a specialist area that requires a high level of experience and thanks to a large number of projects that have already been implemented, we can provide you with professional support. Our extended business connection contains highly demanding exportation schedules with the USA, Malta, Portugal, Algeria, Greece, France, Italy and many others. If you want, you can visit our website for more detailed information about our stadium projects for 2000 seats, 3000 seats, 4000 seats, 5000 seats and 10000 seats stadium and the stadium construction cost opportunities we offer.

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