Squash Courts
  • Squash court is a closed area of approximately 65 square meters, with a parquet floor and 3 walls made of special plaster and the back wall being made of glass.
  • In this form, the squash court resembles a closed cube with one side open.
  • Four glass walls are used in international championships.
  • Since it is a sport played on a parquet floor, rubber shoes are used.
  • Squash is a type of racket sport played by two players (four players in doubles) with racket and ball.
  • There are over 100 countries that are members of the World Squash Federation (WSF), being the regulatory body of Squash.
  • Squash is a very enjoyable sport that can be played in 4 seasons.
  • Squash, which includes many disciplines with running, stretching and turns, was chosen the healthiest sport in 2011.
  • It is possible to burn 500 calories in the squash game with an average speed of 60 minutes.

Squash Halls

Our squash courts are manufactured completely in-house in order to provide a high quality experience with high game and viewing pleasure. Installation of the fields is realized by our specialized and experienced team. Squash courts are usually used by private schools and private institutions. Providing service at world standards, Integral Spor, builds squash courts with high quality artificial turf.

  1. Which product should be used for the squash court floor?
  2. Can squash courts be built with PVC flooring?
  3. Is tartan floor used in squash courts construction?
  4. Integral Spor is the leader among companies that build squash courts
  5. What is squash and how is it played?
  • Sports Grounds Indoor Sports Hall PU Floor

    It can be built between 10-13mm. It consists of 4 layers. SBR shockpar + sealer PU + self leveling PU + top coat PU. It complies with FIBA standards. It has a comfortabl...

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  • Sports Grounds Indoor Sports Hall Parquet Ground

    It is produced in 50-65mm thickness. It consists of 4 main layers. Moisture mat + rubber block + playwood + solid parquet + polish + line Parquet grounds are solid made of...

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  • Sports Grounds Indoor Sports Hall PVC Ground

    It can be built between 6-8mm. It consists of 3 layers. It complies with FIBA standards. It has a comfortable and hygienic ground structure. It provides safe gaming performan...

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the squash court construction and its stages?

    Squash court construction stages are putting up brick walls, applying rough plaster, applying epoxy primer and paint on walls, installing suspended ceiling and lighting, putting up glass walls and columns, parquet works, drawing game lines.

  • What should be the standard squash court sizes?

    Standard squash court dimensions should be 6.450mm in width and 9.755mm in length. The height should be at least 5.640mm.

  • How much are the squash court construction costs?

    Squash courts construction costs vary according to the area to be built.

  • What materials are used in squash court construction?

    Parquet, glass wall and epoxy wall coverings are used in the construction of the squash court.

  • How long is the ideal squash court construction period?

    The ideal squash court construction period is between 3-4 weeks.

  • How long is the squash courts warranty period?

    There are many different types of materials used in squash courts. Warranty periods of the materials vary.

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The cost of squash field construction varies depending on different factors. These are particulars such as whether the field is outdoor or not, the quality of the material, the availability of additional accessories and lighting systems, and the preference of tribunes, if any. You can contact us for squash field construction cost and price information.

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