Baseball Fields
  • From a bird's eye view, the baseball field looks like a quarter circle.
  • The average radius of the quarter circle is at least 76.2 meters.
  • The playground is divided into two as internal and external areas.
  • Center of the game is the inner area with a side drawn in the form of a square, 27.4m.
  • External area is the part that is obtained by extending two boundary lines and remaining outside the inner area.
  • Three corners of internal area are goal posts. 4th corner is score goal post.
  • The distance of the castles from each other is 27.4m.
  • The 6-meter perimeter of the roads between the goal posts is grounded.
  • All areas except the grounded area are covered with turf.
  • The external area is surrounded by a 3m high fence.

Baseball Fields

Our baseball fields are completely manufactured in-house in order to provide a safe and enjoyable experience. Installation of the fields is realized by our professional team. Baseball fields are preferred in places such as hotels and sports centers of private institutions in general. Providing service at world standards, Integral Sporbuilds high-quality artificial turf baseball fields.

  1. In Turkey, with which turf baseball fields are built?
  2. Which tribunes are used on a baseball field?
  3. Is artificial turf suitable for a baseball field?
  4. Which companies produce baseball fields in Turkey?
  5. How is baseball field maintenance and repair done?
  6. What are the baseball field equipment?
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the baseball field construction and its stages?

    Baseball field construction stages are environmental iron works, lighting works, field ground leveling works, drainage works, artificial turf works and equipment installation.

  • How are the baseball field dimensions calculated?

    In the baseball field, there are 4 goal posts (bases) in the shape of a diamond in a square area (diamond) of 27 meters on each corner. The distance between the "Pitcher" and the "Batter" is 18.4 meters. The "catcher" is the player behind the batter, with a mask on his face.

  • What stages does the baseball field project include?

    The baseball field construction stages include the surrounding iron works, the lighting works, the field ground leveling works, the drainage works, the artificial turf works and the equipment installation.

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Baseball field construction costs vary depending on different factors. These are particulars such as dimensions of the field, the type of artificial turf selected, and the lighting system and whether there are tribunes. You can contact us for baseball field construction cost and price information.

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