Golf Courses
  • Golf course floors are made of natural grass or artificial turf.
  • Golf courses are manufactured completely in-house in order to provide a pleasant and quality game experience and the installation of the courses is realized by our expert team.
  • Integral Spor, serving at world standards; builds golf courses.
  • The golf course does not have a standard size.
  • The golf course consists of large areas with natural and artificial turf.
  • Although natural grass is generally preferred, artificial turf is also used in golf course construction due to some advantages.
  • Within the course, there are artificial pools, obstacles made of stones and sand dunes.
  • Golf is a game played with golf clubs and a small hard ball on a specially made course in nature.
  • The aim of the game is to complete the 18 determined courses (holes) of the course with the least hits on the golf ball.
Golf Courses

Two important principles of the game of golf are constituted of respect for the player and respect for the course. Golf became an Olympic sport in 2016 at the Brazilian Olympiad for the first time. Most famous athlete of golf around the world has been TigerWoods, who is the legend of the last 20 years. Interest of US presidents in golf has significantly contributed to the popularization of golf.

  1. Which artificial turf should be used in the golf course?
  2. How much are mini golf courses construction and prices?
  3. What are the features of artificial golf turf?
  4. How is golf course lawn care done?
  5. How much should the 18-hole golf course measure?
  6. What are the golf course construction equipment?
Super C Artificial Turf

100% PE monofilament yarn. 30-65mm, 12.000 Dtex. 99.500/m2 – 230.000/m2 yarn count. 960 Gr/m2 – 1.870 Gr/m2 yarn weight. It has 5-7 years of warranties. It has an extraordin...

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Super V Artificial Turf

%100 PE monofilament yarn. 40-65mm, 12.000 Dtex. 99.500/m2 – 240.000/m2 yarn count. 1.050 Gr/m2 – 1.960 Gr/m2 yarn weight. It has guarantees of 5-8 years. It has FIFA tests....

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Monoturf Artificial Turf

100% PE monofilament yarn. 40-60mm, 9.000 – 10.000 Dtex. 99.500/m2 – 122.400/m2 yarn count. 720 Gr/m2 – 1.250 Gr/m2 yarn weight. It has guarantees for 4-7 years. It gives an...

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Exclusive Artificial Turf

100% PE monofilament yarn. 40-60mm, 16.000 Dtex. 99.500/m2 – 115.000/m2 yarn count. 1.280 Gr/m2 – 2.300 Gr/m2 yarn weight. It has guarantees of 5-8 years. Applies to FIFA cr...

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PowerGrass Artificial Turf

100% PE monofilament yarn. 40-60mm, 7.500 Dtex. 99.500/m2 – 130.600/m2 yarn count. 600 Gr/m2 – 1.200 Gr/m2 yarn weight. It has guarantees for 3-6 years. It gives an extraord...

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should be considered in golf course construction?

    Turf used in golf course construction is extremely important. Natural or synthetic turf applications are the preferred choices in this direction. You can include both options in golf course construction. When making cost calculations, attention should be paid to the advantages and disadvantages of the grass used.

  • What are the factors affecting golf course costs?

    The most important factor affecting the golf course cost is the area to be applied. The size of the area will cause an increase in the cost of the application. The synthetic grass carpet quality to be preferred is also important. If natural grass is to be preferred, maintenance costs are also important. Flagpoles, holes and the cost of golf game team equipment also affect.

  • What should be considered in choosing golf course turf?

    If synthetic turf is to be preferred in golf course turf selection, attention should be paid to the pile length, dtex number, base cloth thickness, density and UV contribution.

  • How are the dimensions of the golf course determined?

    A golf course consists of 18 separate tracks (pits). Another feature that distinguishes golf from other sports is that each field is made with a different design, taking into account the main principles of golf. The length of each hole is different in the field. The total length of 18 golf courses can normally range between 5400 meters and 7000 meters.

  • How to make a mini golf course?

    If the ground to be built for the mini golf course is concrete, direct application can be made on concrete. If the ground is soil or natural grass, natural grass is dug 10 cm deep and gravel is laid for drainage. The riser layer is placed on the ready ground. Synthetic grass carpet is laid on the remaining empty spaces. Then the accessories are mounted.

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Golf course construction cost varies depending on different factors. These are particulars such as dimensions of the field are factors such as whether artificial turf is used as the ground material, whether there are additional accessories and lighting systems. You can contact us for golf course construction cost and price information.