Olympic Sports City



  • Sports venues meeting olympic standards
  • 21 indoor and outdoor sports facilities
  • Easy installation and mounting
  • The 10-year guarantee under maintenance and service contract
  • Conformity to the standards of various institutions such as FIFA, FIBA, FIVB, ITS, etc.
  • High durability and product quality
  • High-level workmanship with an expert and experienced workforce
  • Landscaping and parking lots in addition to the sports areas
  • A special hotel that offers a comfortable lounge for athletes
  • Rest areas, shelter areas, practice and training fields
  • Projects that can be revised according to different preferences

olympic sports complex

Olympic Sports complex, the most comprehensive project of Integral Spor in 2022, includes 21 indoor and outdoor sports facilities. This project makes a difference not only in sports facilities but also in housing, social areas, and green areas, allowing every country to easily prepare for the Olympics. This project was designed to comply with all Olympic standards, including the construction phase and product quality of the Olympic sports complex. A number of areas in the project are optional and customizable.


The Olympic Sports Complex has 21 indoor and outdoor sports areas. These sites may be listed as follows:

  • Artificial Turf Tennis / Padel Turf

    %100 PE fibrilated / monofilament yarn. 11-26mm, 5.000 – 6.800 - 8.800 Dtex. 44.750/m2 – 990.000/m2 yarn count. 510 Gr/m2 – 1.750 Gr/m2 yarn weight. It has warranties fo...

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  • Artificial Turf Super V

    %100 PE monofilament yarn. 40-65mm, 12.000 Dtex. 99.500/m2 – 240.000/m2 yarn count. 1.050 Gr/m2 – 1.960 Gr/m2 yarn weight. It has warranties of 5-8 years. It passed FI...

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  • Sports Grounds Tartan Ground

    It can be constructed between 13-65mm. It consists of 2 layers. SBR + PU + EPDM. It complies with IAAF standards. It has a comfortable and healthy ground structure. It...

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  • Sports Grounds Full Polyurethane Floor

    It is made in 13-15mm thickness. It consists of 3 main layers. SBR + PU + 100% original EPDM + line. It is an IAAF approved system. Its shock absorption is in IAAF stand...

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  • Sports Grounds Modular Rubber

    It is produced in thicknesses between 20 and 40mm. It is produced with one or two layers. It can be produced as SBR or SBR + EPDM. It can be applied on concrete and sand f...

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  • Artificial Turf Hybrid Turf

    100% PE monofilament yarn. 55-65mm, 8.000-14.000 Dtex. 60.500/m2 – 102.000/m2 yarn count. 1.150 Gr/m2 – 1.450 Gr/m2 yarn weight. It has warranties of 5-7 years. It is ...

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  • Sports Grounds Indoor Sports Hall Parquet Ground

    It is produced in 50-65mm thickness. It consists of 4 main layers. Moisture mat + rubber block + playwood + solid parquet + polish + line Parquet grounds are solid made of...

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  • Artificial Turf Exclusive

    100% PE monofilament yarn. 40-60mm, 16.000 Dtex. 99.500/m2 – 115.000/m2 yarn count. 1.280 Gr/m2 – 2.300 Gr/m2 yarn weight. It has warranties of 5-8 years. It is in com...

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  • Artificial Turf PowerGrass

    100% PE monofilament yarn. 40-60mm, 7.500 Dtex. 99.500/m2 – 130.600/m2 yarn count. 600 Gr/m2 – 1.200 Gr/m2 yarn weight. It has warranties of 3-6 years. It gives an ext...

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  • Artificial Turf Duograss

    %100 PE fibrilated yarn. 20-60mm, 5.000 – 5.500 Dtex. 34.100/m2 – 45.800/m2 yarn count. 690 Gr/m2 – 1.300 Gr/m2 yarn weight. It has warranties for 4-7 years. It is in ...

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  • Artificial Turf Non-Infill

    100% PE monofilament / texturized yarn. 20-33mm, 15.800 Dtex. 685.850/m2 – 775.000/m2 yarn count. 2.200 Gr/m2 – 3.000 Gr/m2 yarn weight. It has warranties of 3-5 years ....

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the sports facilities in the Olympic Sports City?

    There are many indoor and outdoor sports facilities in the Olympic Sports City by Integral Spor. These are:

    * Stadium,
    * Gym,
    * Olympic Swimming Pool,
    * Amateur Sports Hall,
    * Training Field,
    * Indoor / Outdoor Modular Football Fields,
    * Outdoor Astroturf and Indoor Astro Pitch,
    * Indoor and Outdoor Tennis Court,
    * Indoor and Outdoor Multi-Purpose Field,
    * Roofed Padel Courts
    * Mini Golf Court
    * Kids Playground
    * Indoor Squash Hall

    In addition to these areas, the facilities may also have fitness, sauna, and sports areas as an option.

  • Which artificial turf should be used on football fields?

    Super-V artificial turf in accordance with FIFA standards is used in the regular football training fields. Additionally, Super-C artificial turf is used in other football fields.

  • Are the dimensions of the sports facilities regular?

    Most facilities in the Olympic Sports City comply with the regulations. Some facilities are not of regular size as they are not intended to be used for official competition matches.

  • How much does it cost to build Olympic Sports Facility?

    Olympic sports field construction costs may vary depending on the conditions in the region and the transport costs. Furthermore, the prices vary according to preferences as there are many optional services available in sports city. You can get in contact with us by filling out the form to receive information on the Olympic Sports City construction cost.

  • How to Build Olympic Sports City?

    Structures in the Olympic Sports City are manufactured in a factory by using steel construction and making the installation on-site quick. With the highest performance and time in the applications of many products such as artificial grass, parquet floors, and tartan sports grounds, the expert and experienced Integral Spor team uniformly constructs the entire Olympic Sports City.

  • Are the sports fields in compliance with the Olympic committee standards?

    The sports fields where the official competition matches will be taken are designed according to the Olympic standards.

  • Are padel courts included in Olympic sports facilities?

    There are two padel courts in Olympic sports facilities: One of them is a padel court with a roof and the other one is an outdoor padel tennis court located in the Olympic sports facility.

  • What are the dimensions of the Olympic sports city?

    Olympic Sports City covers an area of 280 m x 540 m.