Indoor Sports Halls

Indoor Sports Halls

  • Since indoor sports halls also host events, their economic return is high.
  • Indoor sports halls can host many sports such as fitness, cross-fit, yoga at the same time.
  • Indoor sports halls offer services such as dressing rooms, showers, toilets and cafeterias in their interiors.
  • Our products with quality, flexibility, compliance with standards and durability are in TSE and EU standards.
  • Different floor covering materials such as parquet, PVC, rubber are used in indoor sports halls.
  • Indoor sports halls floors protect athletes with the flexibility they offer and protection mats around the field.
  • Indoor sports hall floors are waterproof, oil-repellent, pressure-resistant and wear-resistant.
  • Indoor sports halls can be easily cleaned and do not require maintenance for a long time.
  • Indoor sports halls can serve 24/7 in all climatic conditions.
Indoor Sports Halls

Indoor sports halls are customized in accordance with the demands and desires of our customers, and hence, they can host many different sports such as indoor football, basketball, volleyball, wrestling, and fitness. Indoor sports halls, all of which are manufactured and installed as per the world standards, maintain their high performance for many years. Providing service at world standards, Integral Spor builds indoor sport halls with different ground varieties and desired dimensions.

  1. What is indoor gym polyurethane flooring?
  2. Which parquet floor is the most suitable for an indoor sports hall?
  3. Which sports halls should PVC floor be applied to?
  4. What are the indoor sports hall tribune options?
  5. How should the tribunes in a 2000-seat sports hall be built?
  6. How long is the indoor sports hall construction period?
  7. What are the standard indoor sports hall sizes?
  8. Can acrylic floor be used in indoor sports hall construction?
  9. What are the sports hall parquet flooring prices?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the construction stages of an indoor sports hall?

    The first step in the construction of an indoor sports hall is the concrete, iron and mold works required for the infrastructure. Simultaneously, steel construction manufacturing is carried out in the factory environment. After the infrastructure works are completed, the steel construction is assembled on the site and then the exterior cladding work is done. At this stage, the tribune, living areas, lighting and ventilation works are carried out simultaneously in the hall. After these works are completed, the floor covering of the playfield is done and the sports equipment are installed.

  • How much does an indoor sports hall cost in 2020?

    Indoor sports hall construction cost varies according to the capacity of the tribune to be built, the size of the playfield, and the living spaces.

  • What should be considered when choosing an indoor sports hall ground?

    When choosing the indoor sports hall ground, it should be selected according to the intensity of use of the hall and the level of the competitions.

  • What is the warranty period in sports hall construction?

    Since more than one material is used in the construction of the sports hall, the warranty period of each material varies.

  • Which tribune type is suitable for a 500-seat indoor sports hall?

    Steel construction roofless tribunes and telescopic tribunes are applied to indoor sports halls.

  • What are the dimensions of the indoor basketball court?

    The size of the playing field in basketball courts is 18 meters wide and 28 meters long. There should be 2 meters of space around the field outside the playing field. In this case, the field size should be 22 meters long and 32 meters.

  • Is volleyball played indoors?

    Official volleyball competitions are played on indoor courts. Accordingly, beach volleyball is played outdoorand on sand.

  • What does indoor sports hall project dwg mean?

    Projects drawn with Autocad will be in dwg format. If the project of the indoor sports hall is drawn with Autocad, the extension will be dwg.

  • What products are used for indoor sports hall flooring?

    Parquet, polyurethane (PU) and PVC grounds are preferred for indoor sports hall grounds.

  • What are the prices of a 500-person indoor sports hall construction?

    Apart from the audience capacity, the city where the hall will be built and the types of materials to be used are also effective in determining the costs for the construction of the indoor sports hall. It is necessary to determine all the details for correct pricing.

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Indoor sports hall construction cost varies depending on different factors. These are particulars such as the choice of ground material, the availability of additional accessories and lighting systems, and the preference of tribunes, if any. You can contact us for indoor sports hall construction cost and price information.

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