Multi-Purpose Fields
  • Multipurpose fields are fields where more than one sports branch is played.
  • These are the areas with mini football fields, tennis courts and basketball courts.
  • Generally, multipurpose field dimensions are designed as 18 meters width and 36 meters length.
  • They are manufactured with EPDM, acrylic, parquet or artificial turf content.
  • Multi-purpose fields are made as aoutdoor or indoor.
  • Indoor multi-purpose sports fields are resistant to all climatic conditions and can be used 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Manufacturing can also be made with special dimensions that differ according to the area to be applied.
  • The project required for multi-purpose field construction is prepared completely on the basis of ground survey and strength.
  • Direct pile operations are made in order to integrate the wire mesh or network system around it.

Multipurpose Fields

Multipurpose fields are sports fields surrounded by security fences where football, basketball, volleyball and tennis can be played together.. Multipurpose fields, that are completely produced in our own factories and installed by our expert team, are delivered to our customers in 4 weeks on average. Integral Spor, having a reference around the world, builds outdoor or indoor multi-purpose fields in international standards with different ground types.

  1. Can the multipurpose field floor be constructed with tartan?
  2. Which floors can be used in multi-purpose field construction?
  3. How to prepare multi-purpose field technical specifications?
  4. How long is the multi-purpose field construction period?
  5. Which fields do multi-purpose fields include?
  6. How are the maintenance and repair of multi-purpose fields done?
  • Artificial Turf Tennis / Padel Turf

    %100 PE fibrilated / monofilament yarn. 11-26mm, 5.000 – 6.800 - 8.800 Dtex. 44.750/m2 – 990.000/m2 yarn count. 510 Gr/m2 – 1.750 Gr/m2 yarn weight. It has warranties fo...

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  • Sports Grounds Tartan Ground

    It can be constructed between 13-65mm. It consists of 2 layers. SBR + PU + EPDM. It complies with IAAF standards. It has a comfortable and healthy ground structure. It...

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  • Sports Grounds Acrylic Ground Coating

    It is produced and applied in 5 main categories. It consists of 5 to 12 layers. Primer + cushion + top coat + line. It is certified by the international ITF. Acrylic flo...

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the multi-purpose field construction stages?

    Multi-purpose field construction stages are infrastructure works, environmental iron works, wire mesh works, multi-purpose field floor covering and equipment installation.

  • What are the factors affecting the multi-purpose field cost?

    Factors affecting the multi-purpose field cost are the type of the field ground to be built, the sports activities to be carried out in the multi-purpose field, the quality of the equipment to be used, the snow load and wind load of the region where it is to be built if an indoor field will be built.

  • What should be the standard multipurpose field measurements?

    Multipurpose field dimensions vary according to the types of games to be played on them.. Sports with a large playing field determine the size of the field. If it is to be built according to the handball field, it is built in the dimensions of 42m x 22m, if it is to be be built according to a tennis court, it is built in the dimensions of 36.57m x 23.77m. Since the dimensions of other sports are relatively smaller than these sports branches, other sports fields are included in these areas.

  • How should multi-purpose field drawings be made?

    In multi-purpose fields, the game lines should be drawn in different colors to prevent the lines from mixing with each other.

  • What are the average multipurpose field prices?

    The costs of multi-purpose fields vary according to ground types.

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Multipurpose field construction costs vary depending on many different factors. These include particulars such as dimensions of the field, the type of ground chosen, the yarn structure if artificial turf is chosen, whether the outer structure is outdoor or indoor, and optional services such as accessories, lighting system, tribunes. You can contact us for the cost and price information of open or closed multi-purpose field construction in all ground types.

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