• Indoor Sports Hall Construction

    Indoor sports hall grounds, sports hall tribune construction, roof construction and sports hall accessories assembly are at Integral Spor. You can visit our site for our indoor sports hall construction services.

  • Artificial Turf Application

    Artificial turf is a product that is frequently applied in villa gardens, pool sides, balconies, cafe and restaurant gardens. Our natural looking special artificial turf models have become common in our country due to their easy use.

  • Standard and Curved Roof Tribune Models

    Our stadium tribune models that we produce as steel construction are divided into two as standard and curved roofs. Please contact our authorities for the construction and costs of a tribune.

  • Container and VIP Tribune Models

    Regarding container tribune and VIP tribune models, you can get offer from Integral Spor, thatis number 1 in Turkey. In the video, you can watch the presentation consisting of 3D and real images of the tribune constructed for the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

  • Multi-Purpose Field Construction and its Stages

    Integral Spor teams, who are experts in the construction of sports fields, complete the construction of multi-purpose fields in a short time. Multipurpose fields allow playing football, tennis, basketball and volleyball games.

  • Athletics Track Construction and Tartan Tracks

    For Athletics Track Construction - Tartan Track Cost, you can visit our website. For Tartan track square meter costs or turnkey price, please contact Integral Spor officials.

  • Professional Artificial Turf Football Field Construction

    Our high quality 3rd generation synthetic turf products are used for the construction of professional artificial turf football fields. We construct FIFA 1 -2 Star certified fields quickly and reliably with our products in FIFA standards.

  • Indoor Astroturf Construction

    You can watch our video about indoor astroturf construction. How are indoor fields built ? For indoor astro turf cost, please visit our site and request an offer.