Volleyball Courts
  • We buil three different types of volleyball courts; indoor, outdoor and indoor sports halls.
  • Indoor volleyball courts are used in all climatic conditions in all seasons.
  • The volleyball court protects the health of the athletes as it is surrounded by wire mesh and synthetic ground.
  • Volleyball courts measure 18 meters in length and 9 meters in width.
  • The zone known as the free zone from the midline of the volleyball court is positioned 3 meters long.
  • Hence, the total length is 3 + 3 = 6 meters. In addition, the length of the area called service area is 3 meters.
  • Let's get information about the nets on the volleyball courts.
  • The length of the net varies according to the way men and women play.
  • The length of the net for males is 2.43 meters. The length of the net for women is determined to be 2.24.
  • Therefore, the posts of the fields are produced differently as men and women.

Volleyball Courts

Our volleyball courts are completely manufactured in-house to provide a pleasant and quality game experience and the installation of the fields is realized by our expert team. Our team, which completely prioritizes athlete health, can use different floor types as per the desires of the athletes. Expertise and meticulous work in relation to floor application bear great importance to achieve a good result. Integral Spor has one of the most experienced application teams in the sector.

  1. How much does the 2021 volleyball court cost?
  2. Which is the best quality volleyball net?
  3. How to draw a volleyball court?
  4. Can the volleyball court be covered with an acrylic floor?
  5. How is the volleyball court PVC flooring applied?
  6. What are the necessary materials for the construction of a volleyball court?
  • Artificial Turf Tennis / Padel Turf

    %100 PE fibrilated / monofilament yarn. 11-26mm, 5.000 – 6.800 - 8.800 Dtex. 44.750/m2 – 990.000/m2 yarn count. 510 Gr/m2 – 1.750 Gr/m2 yarn weight. It has warranties fo...

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  • Sports Grounds Tartan Ground

    It can be constructed between 13-65mm. It consists of 2 layers. SBR + PU + EPDM. It complies with IAAF standards. It has a comfortable and healthy ground structure. It...

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  • Sports Grounds Acrylic Ground Coating

    It is produced and applied in 5 main categories. It consists of 5 to 12 layers. Primer + cushion + top coat + line. It is certified by the international ITF. Acrylic flo...

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the construction and stages of the volleyball court?

    Volleyball court construction stages consist of infrastructure works, surrounding iron works, wire mesh works, volleyball court flooring and equipment installation.

  • What are the regular volleyball court sizes?

    The regular volleyball court measures 18 meters in length and 9 meters in width. The zone known as the free zone from the midline of the volleyball court is positioned 3 meters long. The length of the area called service area is also 3 meters.

  • What are the factors affecting the cost of the volleyball court?

    Factors affecting the cost of volleyball court arethe type of the field ground to be built, the quality of the equipment to be used, the snow load and wind load of the region where it is to be built if an indoor field will be built.

  • What are the standard volleyball court ground types?

    Volleyball court ground types are composed of parquet ground, pvc ground, polyurethane ground, tartan ground, acrylic ground and synthetic turf ground.

  • What are the average volleyball court flooring prices?

    Volleyball court flooring costs vary according to the type of ground to be used.

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Volleyball court construction costs vary depending on different factors. These include particulars such as whether the court is outdoor or not, the court dimensions, the type of floor used, the availability of additional accessories and lighting systems, and the preference of the tribune, if any. You can contact us for the construction cost and price information of outdoor or indoor volleyball field in all ground types.

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