Swimming Pools

Swimming Pools

We present Integral Spor's indoor swimming pools having durable, useful and modern architecture. We complete all processes in a short period of 3 months and build on turnkey basis.

The semi-olympic swimming pool has 5 lanes, each having a size of 2.5 meters. The semi-olympic pool is 25 meters long and 12.5 meters wide. Tribune capacity is built in accordance with the number of people desired.

  • Four-season use with the help of the sandwich panel outer surface coating
  • Pool heating system
  • Galvanized coated steel tribune with high resistance to corrosion
  • Dressing rooms, shower and wc areas
  • Office and cafeteria section
Indoor Swimming Pools
  1. How many meters should the olympic swimming pool depth be?
  2. What is the ceiling height of the indoor swimming pool?
  3. Olympic swimming pool features
  4. What are the dimensions of the olympic swimming pool?
  5. Olympic pool construction video display
  6. Which tribune should be used for the full olympic swimming pool?
  7. What are the semi-olympic pool standards?
  8. What is the cost of a semi-olympic swimming pool?
  9. How many tons of water does the semi-olympic pool take?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the construction stages of indoor swimming pool?

    1. Before the indoor swimming pool construction, the size of the swimming pool, the capacity of the tribune, the number and dimensions of the necessary living spaces should be determined.

    2.Indoor swimming pool construction stages are excavation works, reinforced concrete manufacturing, steel construction roof works, sandwich panel siding, steel tribune and living areas, pool mechanical works, electrical works, ventilation works, pool ceramic work.

  • What is the difference between olympic and semi-olympic pools?

    The number of lanes and pool sizes of olympic and semi-olympic swimming pools are different.

    Number of lanes in Olympic swimming pool: 10 lanes.

    Number of lanes Semi-olympic swimming pool: 5 lanes.

    Olympic swimming pool dimensions: 25,00 meters x 50,00 meters.

    Semi-olympic swimming pool dimensions: 12.50 meters x 25.00 meters.

  • How to build a semi-olympic swimming pool?

    The construction of a semi-olympic swimming pool starts with the excavation work in the area where the construction will be made. Then, reinforced concrete infrastructure works, steel construction roofing works, siding works, tribune construction works, living area construction works, mechanical installation works, electrical works, ventilation works, ceramic and fine construction works are performed.

  • What are the FINA approved indoor swimming pool standards?

    Olympic swimming pools; the pool length should be 50.00 meters, the pool width 25.00 meters, the number of lanes 10, the lane width 2.50 meters, the water temperature 25 ° C - 27 ° C, the minimum depth 2.00 meters.

    Semi-olympic swimming pools; pool length should be 25.00 meters, pool width 12.50 meters, number of lanes 5, lane width 2.50 meters, water temperature 25 °C - 27 °C, depth minimum 2.00 meters.

    Other standards: There should be separators between the lanes. There should be a jumping platform at the beginning of the lane. The lane markings must be in the middle of each lane in contrast to the color of the ceramic used on the pool floor. The lighting level should be a minimum of 600 lux at the starting and ending points.

  • How much are the olympic pool construction prices?

    Olympic pool construction prices: factors such as the snow load of the region where the construction will be made, the wind load, the ground condition of the land are important factors in determining the prices. In addition, since the dimensions of the living spaces of the building to be built may differ, it is necessary to know the necessary details in order to calculate the correct price.

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Indoor swimming pool cost varies depending on different factors. These are particulars such as disinfectant materials used, ground quality, availability of additional accessories and lighting systems. You can contact us for indoor swimming pool construction cost and price information.

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