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Sports Facility Construction

Our company, which is active in the sports facility construction sector, works with the support of the production and experienced teams.

Soccer Field Construction

We offer constructing various synthetic pitches among our services such as indoor football pitches, outdoor football pitches, and artificial turf football pitches with standard size

Tennis Court Construction

Among our services in constructing tennis court, we offer courts with artificial floors such as artificial turf, tartan, and acrylic flooring.

Basketball Court Construction

Among our services in constructing basketball court, we offer basketball courts with artificial floors such as acrylic and tartan.

Tartan Track

Construction of tartan tracks is one of the rubber flooring systems we offer for the sports facilities. Tartan tracks are usually preferred in construction of athletics tracks.

Multi-Purpose Pitches

Muga or multi sports pitches are outdoor or indoor facilities that allow doing a variety of sports such as football, basketball, tennis, volleyball, and badminton in a single pitch.

Sports Hall Flooring

We offer a variety of floorings for indoor sports halls such as sports parquet flooring, PVC flooring, and polyurethane flooring. We also offer tribune seats for sports halls.

Sports Flooring Types

We also have been specialized in sports flooring which is a natural part of the construction of sports facilities

We offer astro turf pitches, tartan flooring, indoor and outdoor polyurethane flooring, acrylic flooring, cushion acrylic flooring and rubber flooring. You can contact us for the pricing of the sports flooring.

Artificial Grass Sports Facility Construction


Best Artificial Turf Types
for Soccer and other sports

Rubber Flooring

Sports rubber flooring is applied in outdoor basketball courts, multi-purpose pitches, and tennis courts.

PVC Sports Flooring

PVC sports flooring (polyurethane flooring) is an appropriate solution for sports halls.

Acrylic Flooring

Acrylic sports flooring is applied in outdoor basketball courts, multi-purpose pitches, and tennis courts.

Sports Parquet

Hardwood sports parquet flooring is preferred for professional indoor sports halls.

Sports Field Construction Blog

Find a lot of technical information about the sports field construction and many types of indoor & outdoor sports flooring on this blog. Sports facility construction details and ideas;

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Suggested Astro Pitch Dimensions 30x50m


Suggested Tennis Court Dimensions 18x36m


Suggested Football Filed Dimensions 68x105m


Suggested Basketball Pitch Dimensions 18x25m

Get the price of sports field construction and installation of sports flooring types.