Rugby Fields
  • Rugby fields are made as per IRF and TRF standards.
  • In rugby, the density of the grass and the absence of bald spots on the field are as important as the size of the field.
  • Rugby field is wetted before the match, and the turf and soil is softened so that its players experience a smoother fall.
  • Rugby field is made in a way that its dimensions will be 100 m in length and 70 m in width.
  • In rugby, the goal post width is 5.6 meters and height is 3 meters.
  • Size of the H-shaped posts on the sides of the goal post are over 3.4 meters.
  • For the players to stop when they speed up and to prevent injuries, the try area is made at least 10 meters long.
  • There are players trying to catch the ball between the 5m and 15m cut lines from the line where the throw was taken.
  • Dashed lines are drawn to detect that the opposing team is 10 meters away and to understand that the ball exceeds 10 meters when the ball that starts the match is thrown.

Rugby Fields

Rugby is a sport in which forward passes are prohibited, while aiming to manually move the ball to the opponent's goal post line. Our rugby fields are manufactured completely in-house in order to provide a high quality experience with high gaming and viewing pleasure. Installation of the fields is realized by our specialized and experienced team. Rugby fields are frequently used by private schools and private institutions. Providing service at world standards, Integral Spor builds high-quality artificial turf rugby fields.

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  4. How long is the rugby field construction period?
  5. How is rugby field maintenance and repair done?
  6. What is rugby? How is it play?
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  • Artificial Turf Super V

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does a rugby court cost?

    Rugby field costs vary according to the conditions of the region where the field will be built and the types of materials to be used.

  • What are the ideal and standard rugby field sizes?

    The dimensions of the rugby field should not exceed 100 meters in length and 70 meters in width.

  • What are the rugby field equipment?

    Rugby field equipment are the goal post and the net behind the goal post. For athletes, it is a mouthguard, shoulderpad, headgear, gloves, crampons and kickingtee.

  • What are the rugby field construction stages?

    Rugby fields construction stages, are environmental iron works, lighting works, field ground leveling works, drainage works, artificial turf works and equipment installation.

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Construction costs of an artificial turf rugby field vary depending on different factors. These are particulars such as dimensions of the field, the type of ground chosen, accessories, lighting system, and whether there are tribunes or not. You can contact us for rugby field construction cost and price information.

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