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Stadium consultancy is a specialty area for Integral Spor, offering comprehensive guidance at every stage of stadium, arena, and sports facility construction, management, and operation.

This service is not limited to existing projects; it also extends to planning, development/renovation, operation, and management of stadiums or sports facilities on a turnkey basis, providing consultancy for custom projects.

Our team, recognized internationally, consists of stadium consultants and project managers who have participated in various projects, including some of the world's largest events hosted in stadiums, offering both operational and consultancy services.

TABLE-1: Stadium Consultancy Service Details

Service and Areas of Expertise Service Details
Project Management and Consultancy Our dedicated project managers guide you through every stage of your stadium project, ensuring its completion on time and within budget.
Planning and Operation Our detailed planning process ensures efficient operation of your stadium and guarantees the successful management of every event.
Stadium and Facility Management We manage the daily operations of your stadium and facilities, providing top-quality service and maximizing visitor satisfaction.
Stadium Development and Renovation To keep your stadium competitive, we continuously improve your facility using the latest technologies and innovations. (details in TABLE-2)
Safety and Security Your visitors' safety is our priority. We make your stadium a safe and secure place by using the latest security technologies.
Crowd Management We develop strategic plans to manage crowds during large events, ensuring orderly and smooth execution of the events.
Accessibility and Inclusive Design We apply barrier-free access and inclusive design principles to ensure that everyone can equally benefit from your stadium.
Broadcast and Media Operations We manage your media and broadcast operations, developing effective strategies for maximum visibility and promotion.
Sustainability We enhance your stadium's sustainability with eco-friendly practices, helping you fulfill your community responsibilities.

stadium consultancy

Additionally, we offer consultancy services on current stadium construction and development/renovation, including:

TABLE-2: Stadium Development and Renovation Service

Stadium Consultancy Service Details
Stadium Development and Renovation Infrastructure and superstructure works. Lighting system installation, facility irrigation and drainage system works. Artificial/natural grass selection, application, and maintenance. Construction of athletic tracks according to - IAAF standards. Grandstand seat renewal and capacity increase. LED display, scoreboard, and perimeter installation.

Stadium Consultancy Process

  • 1. Needs Analysis and Planning : The first step is to understand the client's needs and define the project's goals. This stage involves close collaboration with the client to conduct a needs analysis and initiate the planning process.
  • 2. Assignment of a Dedicated Project Manager : A dedicated project manager is assigned to the client. This person will be responsible for the project's coordination and maintain constant communication with the client.
  • 3. Feasibility Study and Concept Design : The project team evaluates the stadium's feasibility and creates a concept design. This stage determines the functional requirements and design vision of the stadium.
  • 4. Operational Planning and Design : Detailed planning for the stadium's operations is conducted, and the design process is initiated. This stage examines and designs space operations, security, accessibility, and other operational elements.
  • 5. Construction and Implementation : After the design is approved, the construction process begins. The project manager ensures the construction progresses on time and within budget, providing regular updates to the client.
  • 6. Operations Setup and Staff Training : The necessary infrastructure for the stadium's operations is established, and staff training is provided. At this stage, all preparations are completed to ensure the stadium operates smoothly.
  • 7. Sustainability and Continuous Improvement : Strategies are developed to increase the stadium's sustainability and continuously improve it. Recommendations and support are provided to the client to ensure the long-term success of the stadium.

Why Choose Us for Stadium Consultancy?

  • Services compliant with international standards
  • Customer-focused approach
  • Experienced and expert staff
  • High-quality product and service philosophy


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