Basketball Courts
  • We build three different types of basketball courts; indoor, outdoor and indoor sports halls.
  • Basketball courts are constructed in 4 different floor types; acrylic, tartan, parquet and polyurethane.
  • Indoor basketball courts are used in all climatic conditions in all seasons.
  • The basketball court protects the health of the athletes as it is surrounded by wire mesh and has synthetic floors.
  • Courts are 28 m long and 15 m wide.
  • The basketball courts have the capacity for groups of 4x4 and 6x6 people to play matches very easily.
  • The playing area should be 2m away from all obstacles, from the team players' seating area up to the seated officials.
  • The hoop is 1.2 meters from the edge line and measures 1.8m x 1.2m.
  • The basket on the hoop is placed 3.05 meters above the ground. The hoop is 45 cm in diameter.
  • The hoop is placed parallel to the free throw line and is 5.80m from the inner edge of the lines and 3.60m long.
Basketball Courts

Our basketball courts are completely manufactured in-house and they are installed by our expert team in order to provide a safe, pleasant and quality gaming experience. Our basketball courts, that are produced with acrylic, tartan, parquet or polyurethane floors as per the needs and desires, completely focus on protecting the health of the players. Integral Spor, serving at world standards builds indoor or outdoor basketball courts in different sizes and floor types.

  1. How much is an open basketball court construction and cost?
  2. How is acrylic basketball court flooring done?
  3. What are the basketball court flooring materials?
  4. How should the basketball field drawing dwg be?
  5. How long is the outdoor basketball field construction period?
  6. What are the stages of an indoor basketball hall construction?
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the basketball court construction and its stages?

    The stages of the construction of the basketball courts are the infrastructure works, the surrounding iron works, the wire mesh works, the floor covering of the basketball court and the installation of the equipment.

  • What are the types of basketball court grounds?

    Basketball court ground types are parquet ground, pvc ground, polyurethane ground, tartan ground, acrylic ground and synthetic turf ground.

  • What are the standard basketball court sizes?

    The size of the playing field in basketball courts is 18 meters wide and 28 meters long. There should be 2 meters of space around the field outside the playing area. In this case, the field size should be 22 meters long and 32 meters.

  • How will basketball court lines be drawn?

    Basketball court lines are drawn using stencils, tape or using a line machine.

  • How many meters should the basketball court be?

    The size of the playing field in basketball courts is 18 meters wide and 28 meters long. There should be 2 meters of space around the field outside the playing area. In this case, the field size should be 22 meters wide and 32 meters long.

  • How much are basketball court flooring costs?

    Basketball court flooring costs vary according to the type of floor to be used.

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There are various factors that determine the basketball court construction costs. Whether the court is outdoor or indoor, ground type, types of materials used; factors such as the presence of basketball hoop, tribunes or scoreboard determine the costs of construction and installation. You can contact us for basketball court construction cost and price information.

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