Football Fields

Football Fields

Integral Spor has the team and experience to build turnkey football fields in each region of the world.

  • Astro pitches are the most popular sports facilities in the world as being a field of football as a sports branch and as an entertainment area.
  • We are building four different football fields being open - closed, modular mini open and regular training fields.
  • Football fields can be used in all climates in all seasons.
  • Basic services which are provided in football fields are infrastructure, turf ground, lighting services, safety nets and construction systems.
  • Football fields enable a safe activity opportunity with the wire mesh around it and the pins on the ceiling.
  • Lighting projectors on football fields are fixed and they are set to illuminate the entire field.
  • In the construction of football fields, goal posts, goal nets and field lines are made by us.
  • Gray - green EPDM granule buffer net and scoreboard service are offered as optional on football fields.
  • Mini indoor-outdoor football field dimensions are customized in 20-30m width, 40-60m height and 6-8m height.
  • Mini indoor and outdoor football fields have a capacity where groups of 5x5, 8x8 people can play matches in a very comfortable way.
Football fields

Our football fields are specially designed and produced with the aim to give players the best and safest experience. Indoor / outdoor quality astro pitches made with artificial or hybrid turf on the ground and that are surrounded by security nets can be built. Integral Spor, that provides service at world standards, builds long-lasting, aesthetic astro pitches in different floor types and sizes.

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  3. What should be considered in the construction of a regular football field?
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  5. How is modular astroturf made?
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is astro pitch made?

    For the construction of the carpet field, infrastructure construction, environmental iron works and playground ground construction using synthetic grass are carried out, respectively.

  • How much does astro pitch construction cost?

    The cost of astro pitch construction varies depending on the size of the field and whether it is closed or open.

  • How should the ground be in regular football fields?

    In regular football fields, the ground can be covered with natural grass, hybrid grass or synthetic grass.

  • Things to consider when buying astroturf turf

    When buying carpet field turf, attention should be paid to the pile length, dtex number, density, base cloth thickness, and the quality of the yarn used.

  • What are the outdoor football pitch measurements?

    The outdoor astro pitches to be commercialized can be built starting from 20m x 40m up to 30m x 50m. The most preferred indoor astro turf sizes are 30m x 50m, allowing 7 × 7 people to play ball comfortably. Astro pitches smaller than 20mx40m can only be used for non-commercial purposes, institutions and so on. It can be done in places.

  • How much does indoor carpet pitch construction cost?

    Indoor astro pitch cost varies according to the size of the field, the snow load of the area to be built and the characteristics of the synthetic turf to be used.

  • What is the difference of Integral Spor from other companies producingastro turf?

    With more than 55 countries and more than 500 satisfied customers, İntegral Spor is the leading brand in the field of astro pitch and football field construction. In addition, the quality of the products used is high level, and the application and workmanship process is provided by professional teams.

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Football field construction and setup costs varies as per the size of the field and the type and the grass used. You can contact us for football field construction cost and price information.