Best Paddle Tennis Court Manufacturer

Best Paddle Tennis Court Manufacturer

Paddle tennis, which is not really a new sport and appeared in 1970, has been played for half a century. It was originally designed by a Mexican named Enrique Corcuera in Mexico in 1970. Although it is based on tennis and even resembles tennis to a large extent, it is actually a game consisting of a combination of tennis and squash. Just like tennis, a paddle tennis court is also very important for the performance of the players. In this article, our main focus will be on paddle tennis and how to choose the best paddle tennis court manufacturer.


How to Build a Paddle Tennis Court?

As we have mentioned before, paddle tennis courts are very vital for the performance of the players. For this reason, paddle tennis courts must be installed in line with standards by a leading company. The most basic steps to be considered in the paddle tennis court construction can be listed as follows;

  • Concrete Beam: The team connects Polywood formworks.
  • Slope: The slope is inclined in one direction.
  • Infrastructure: The floor is made of concrete for the floor covering. Different alternatives can be used as a floor. Tartan paddle tennis court, artificial grass paddle tennis court, or acrylic paddle tennis courts can be built.
  • Steel Construction: The team works on welding and painting in the factory environment and the product is mounted to the ground with screws in the field.
  • Paddle Glass: Special glass used for a paddle tennis court is fixed to the steel construction.

These are the main elements considered by Integral Spor, a leading paddle tennis court manufacturer, for the paddle court installation. To get further information, you may visit our website.


How Is the Paddle Tennis Court Flooring Done?


The court flooring is also vital for the comfort of players. Integral Spor pays great attention to this step, also. Here is the process:

  • Tennis court sand, specially produced from silica, is poured onto the applied synthetic grass carpet.
  • With the brushing machine, the sand is thoroughly applied to the artificial grass and the tennis court is made ready for the competitions.


What Are the Advantages of Paddle Tennis Court Flooring?

With the use of artificial grass carpet as a flooring system in paddle tennis courts, you can achieve excellent softness performance and continue to protect players’ skin health. Paddle tennis courts have also features such as good drainage, anticorrosive, anti-mildew, UV resistance, excellent anti-wear performance. On the other hand, the artificial turf carpet flooring system is easy to install and does not require any extra maintenance costs.


How Much Does a Paddle Tennis Court Cost?


Paddle tennis has become a very popular sport, especially during the pandemic. This situation has also led to a significant increase in the number of paddle tennis courts. This increase in demand also has started to affect prices. Paddle tennis court cost varies according to dimensions, materials used, and quality of workmanship. Since different elements are highlighted in each company, it will be in your best interest to talk to the company you prefer.


Integral Spor and Paddle Tennis Court Construction

Paddle tennis court projects are presented to you on a turnkey basis in a short time with the expert and experienced team of Integral Group, which is one of the leading best padel court manufacturers at home and abroad. These tennis courts are built by completing the stages such as infrastructure, iron, wire mesh, lighting, artificial turf carpet laying, and tennis net installation. Court structure is one of the main differences between paddle and tennis. The paddle tennis court is much smaller and is surrounded by walls, which play an important role during the game. Because the players bounce the ball through these walls.

If you also want to get support about paddle tennis court from a specialist company, you may contact us immediately or take a look at our website. If you wish, you can fill out the form below, create a request or get further information about paddle tennis court specifications. Our experts will get back to you as soon as possible and forward your requests to us. As Integral Spor, we are always beside you in all of the processes!

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