Artificial Turf Football Field Installation Stages

Artificial Turf Football Field Installation Stages

Artificial turf football field is one of the fields that needs to be installed carefully. As Integral Spor, artificial turf football field installation is very important for us to convey all our experience to you about the construction of artificial turf pitches and to inform you about it. If you want to know what synthetic field is, synthetic grass field and artificial turf installation, and want to learn about the installation stages of artificial turf football field, you can continue reading our article!


We can list installation stages of the artificial turf football field as follows;


1. Planning

First of all, if we, as Integral Sport, are installing artificial turf pitch for you, the location of this pitch is transferred to the project by our team and its drawing is provided. Then the drawing is transferred to the digital environment and the calculations are made meticulously. Thanks to our programs designed with the latest technology, the drawing and planning of the artificial turf football field to be built is completed. Afterwards, the plan is sent to you, our valued customer, and the transactions are started after the approval is received.


2. Excavation

An excavation is made in the area where the artificial turf football field will be built, and it is tied with iron stirrups. Afterwards, molds are hammered into the excavated areas and anchor pipes are placed according to the wire mesh system. After this process, the concrete is poured, after the BS20 casting is finished, it is left to dry, and the molds are removed.



3. Skeleton Preparation

Vertical posts are built on the anchor pipes fixed in accordance with the prepared project. Later, horizontal records are welded to verticals in accordance with the details of the project. The best quality pull rope is used to keep the wire mesh system movable and taut. Thus, the preparation of the skeleton is completed. When this stage is completed, the lighting process necessary for the construction of the football field begins.


4. Lighting Systems

It is necessary to use powerful systems for lighting. Because football competitions can be held in the evening hours and due to the strong lighting in these competitions, negative conditions do not occur due to the lack of light.

Another important issue after the lighting process is completed is the fixing and concealment of the electrical installation. It is very important for the safety of the athletes that the electrical system is hidden so that no wires are left in the middle. At the same time, necessary precautions are taken according to rain and other difficult weather conditions. According to the request of our valued customers; We can also perform the scoreboard installation process during the carpet pitch construction.


5. Gravel Laying Process

In the construction of the artificial turf football field, the ground levels are adjusted and 20 cm thick no 3 stone chips are laid. Then, the compression process is done with the help of a cylinder. Then, 10 cm thick gravel no. 1 is brought to the field and ground regulating or screeding is done.


6. Artificial Turf Carpet Laying

Artificial turf installation takes place after the gauging process. After the artificial turf is installed, the playground lines are drawn, the granule throwing process is done and your artificial turf carpet field is delivered to our valued customer.


Artificial Turf Models Specially Produced for Football Fields by Integral Spor

Artificial grass carpets differ according to the places to be applied. As Integral Sport, artificial grasses are produced in a way that the pile height varies between 5 mm and 70 mm according to the usage area. Our customers tell us which grass is usually used in the carpet field? It poses questions. As Integral Spor, we offer you artificial turf models in 4 categories that can be used on football fields.



1. Classic Model Artificial Turf Carpet

Classic models are affordable. 40mm, 50mm, 55mm and 60mm Monochrome fibrillated yarn. There is sand and SBR granule filling.


2. Duo Model Artificial Turf Carpet

Duo Grass fibrillate grass carpet is affordable. 40mm, 50mm, 55mm and 60mm Bicolour fibrillated yarn. There is sand and SBR granule filling.


3. Super C Model Artificial Turf Carpet

Super C spine is a special carpet. 40mm, 50mm, 55mm and 60mm bicolour keeled yarn. There is sand and SBR granule filling.


4. Super V Model Artificial Turf Carpet

It is a professional monofilament carpet. 40mm, 50mm, 55mm and 60mm monochrome mono thread. There is sand and SBR granule filling.

As Integral Spor, our most important goal is to provide you with a fast and quality service. As Integral Spor, we produce football field turf to FIFA standards and install artificial turf football fields. If you want to have detailed information about artificial how to install artificial turf, artificial turf installation cost, artificial turf installation cost and artificial turf for sale, you can fill out the form below. Our expert team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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