Artificial Grass Installation and Costs

Artificial Grass Installation and Costs

Artificial grass installation is becoming more and more popular these days. We as Integral Spor company get a lot of inquiries every day. The most common question asked is what artificial grass installation cost per square foot is. Most of the inquiries come from abroad and the projects come from Turkey. The researchers plan to import artificial turf directly from a Turkish manufacturer in order to save costs and ensure quality. So here this article is intended to give you a brief overview of the cost structure when importing artificial turf. In short, if you are importing artificial grass to complete a project, the Total Cost = Product Cost + Shipping + Shipping Costs at Destination + Import Taxes + Base Preparation and Installation Costs It is not possible to specify a fixed artificial turf cost per square foot, as many factors ultimately influence the price. If, for example, the artificial turf is only to be laid without the ground and sub-surface having to be laboriously prepared, the laying is of course much cheaper. For example, old turf has to be removed first and the floor has to be completely reconditioned in order to be able to lay the artificial turf on it. Nevertheless, here are two examples of approximate prices for laying the artificial turf (and optional preparation of the sub-floor) but also you can calculate your own intention with the help of artificial turf cost calculator:


1. Price Examples for The Pure Laying of Artificial Turf

artificial grass price

If the subsurface is perfectly prepared or if the artificial turf is to be laid on a roof terrace, artificial grass installation cost near me in Europe starts at € 8.50 square meter (incl. VAT). The artificial grass price depends largely on the size of the artificial turf area. In our free and non-binding offer, we will of course inform you of the price for the laying.


2. Price Examples for Extensive Preparation of the Floor and Laying of the Artificial Turf

Our customers often want the complete package starting with the removal and disposal of the old turf, through the appropriate preparation of the area for the new artificial turf, to the laying of the artificial turf. The following steps of how to install artificial grass on concrete are then usually included:

  • Construction of the substructure;
  • Excavation of approx. 15cm, possibly setting of curbs;
  • Backfilling with crushed stone, compacting the area;
  • Fine leveling or leveling in the case of paving
  • The artificial turf is then laid on this substructure

Due to the much higher effort than the pure laying, the additional materials and the disposal, the prices for the all-round carefree package are also slightly higher and start including all work and materials at € 19.95 incl. VAT.


Laying Artificial Turf, Yourself

Would you prefer to lay your artificial grass carpet yourself and save costs? We are happy to help and guide you through the process of laying artificial turf from start to finish. Are you still looking for the right artificial turf, your company or your sports field for your home or surfing on the internet with those keywords like artificial grass installation near me and artificial turf installation companies? You are able to create your own artificial turf installation in 10 simple steps.

artificial grass

  • Remove old grass and level the topsoil.
  • Create a bed of sand (paving sand), about 5 to 10 cm thick.
  • Then moisten the sand bed well, shake it off / roll it and smooth it out well.
  • Lay geo-fleece / stabilization cloth on the sand and secure the corners with artificial turf anchors
  • Roll out the artificial turf and smooth out the folds. If you are laying several sheets next to each other, it is very important that the rolls are laid in the same direction.
  • Fold over the artificial turf and cut off a 3 cm wide strip on both sides. (only if the lawn has to be laid with a seam).
  • Place the artificial turf tape under the seam, carefully fold the artificial turf back and press the parts firmly on.
  • Now you can cut off the protruding edges.
  • Fasten the artificial turf with the special artificial turf anchors (ideally every 50 cm all around).
  • Finally, brush the artificial turf with a stiff broom.

Would you like to find out more about laying artificial turf? You can discover our valuable tips on artificial grass care and maintenance, so that your evergreen lawn carpet is guaranteed to stay beautiful. We as a professional team, have been producing a wide range of artificial grass models and they have been exported to Dublin, the UK, France, Cameroon, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Portugal and many others. We would be happy to make you an offer for the laying of your artificial turf, simply specify the area when requesting the artificial grass for sale sample and send us the information about the subsurface.

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