Football Field Types and Construction

Football Field Types and Construction

Football trainings can be held all year round thanks to the roofed football field from the Integral Spor which has completed many successful projects in the UK, Morocco, Italy, Spain, Greece, Malta, Serbia, Portugal and many others. We design and complete the thermally insulated sports field construction, whereby the construction of the hall with the playing area, which is ideal for teams with seven players, is part of the latest implementation in this area. Our entire offers have many advantages in terms of the football field construction specifications that clients and operators of football halls in particular can appreciate. The most common problems faced by construction projects are in particular the ever-changing prices and financing conditions. However, our solution has a clearly defined football field construction cost estimate that must be adhered to.

Our standardized and prefabricated football field construction system is based on the frame constructions, in which innovations are introduced more and more, whereby these constructions are designed cost-effectively with your requirements in mind. The combination of the large clear height with the low walls is the main advantage; this was achieved by our construction system without a voluminous truss that would reduce the clear height in the hall simply either as part of the main frame construction or as an auxiliary building, depending on the football field size in meters.

The indoor climate of American football field is very important. Our coating system in football field background is airtight and its parameters contribute to internal thermal comfort and economical, cost-effective heating. You can choose the colored interior design yourself from our wide range of sheet metal colors. Our system of cladding the roof and walls looks clean from the inside and covers most of the structural elements that are typical of other systems. In view of the fact that the steel frames and their coating system remain almost ageless in contrast to the wooden structures, the hall ensures a pleasant and comfortable indoor climate for training for the entire duration of its life.


What We Offer as Integral Spor

  • Frame construction without the truss.
  • Clean visual interior design.
  • Airtight construction.
  • Steel frames that don't “get older”.
  • Maintenance-free steel construction.
  • Possibility of simply replacing the inner casing in the event of damage.


A Brand New Insight On Football Field Construction Details

If a club or a municipality wants to build a sports hall cheaply, there are various options within the scope of football field construction to make the new building project successful. Every sports facility is different and, especially when building a new sports hall, the construction costs can vary greatly from project to project. The answers of how much does a soccer field cost vary greatly, depending on the type of sports hall and the framework conditions the project is based on. Numerous factors are relevant here, for example the nature of the subsurface, the integration of existing building complexes, the adjacent infrastructure, the general construction of football field size and its equipment with sports equipment, sports floors and lighting.

Once the question of the location has been clarified, the subsurface must be carefully examined. It is important to clarify how long is a football field or whether the area is connected to the municipal sewage system and whether all relevant network connections are in place. Sometimes it is also necessary to demolish (parts of) existing buildings. Any contaminated sites in the ground or unevenness in the terrain can complicate the construction at this point and increase the 3g football pitch construction costs.

In addition, the need for parking spaces, the connection to the existing infrastructure and numerous other points should be considered and checked as part of the planning. Through thorough and detailed planning, follow-up costs in the context of the sports hall construction can be minimized right from the start. A specialist planner such as Integral Spor or a specialized sports hall builder should be contacted at the beginning of the planning and involved in all measures at an early stage.


Technical Details On Outdoor Football Fields

Field Dimensions

Width: 20-30m

Length: 40-60m


Concrete Wall

Width: 30 cm

Height: 50 cm

C25- C30 Concrete


Sub base

Gravel (25 cm)

Concrete (15 cm)

Asphalt 9 cm

Wire Fence

Wire Fence

Panel Fence



100 % Polyamid thread

Side Nets 12x12 cm

Ceiling Nets :15x15 cm


12-18 Pcs

400 W Metal Halogen Lamps

200 W LED

Artificial Grass

40 mm, 50 mm, 55 mm, 60 mm,

High UV resistance between -30 C /+50 C

Fibrilated, Monofifilament

3rd generation, 4th generation


Overview of Football Field Types


A classic football field is a sports facility that is located in a building. Such classic school sports halls score with their robust design and standardized sports equipment. Single, double or triple sports halls can usually be divided by dividing curtains and thus used by several groups at the same time. This construction is often used for tennis facilities and offers a high degree of flexibility in terms of the college football field dimensions. The operation of an air dome should be calculated in advance and planned accordingly in the budget of the municipality or the association.

Outdoor halls are often based on the dimensions of standardized soccer courts and can be equipped with artificial turf football field installation or a multi-functional sports floor. This type of hall is becoming increasingly popular, as it enables year-round sports operations, but is associated with manageable costs in terms of acquisition. If you want to learn more about for instance how much does a turf field cost to install or how long does it take to install a turf football field you can check our next article by clicking on this link.

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