Squash Court Construction and Features

Squash Court Construction and Features

Squash is one of the few setback games in which the players share the playing field and in which the sidewalls of the playing field are included in the game. In the best-case scenario, a softball is played against the wall in such a way that the opponent can no longer reach it. The ball is also the namesake of the game: squash means something like punching, squeezing, or pressing hard. Squash sport has a multitude of rules that we want to bring you closer to with this article.

At the beginning in the UK they played a simple setback game called "Open Court Rackets" at the "Harrow School", in which they played with a hardball. Squash served as a warm-up exercise in which the players played warmly with a softball. They discovered that this softball had to be played with a lot more technical skill and the game began to spread to universities.


Squash Rules at A Glance

You can play singles or doubles. A serve must touch the wall above this line. From the middle of the transverse line, a vertical center-line runs backward, which divides the field behind the transverse line. Inside squash ball has hollow and contains a drop of liquid gas. The service must come from one of the two service fields and be played directly the front wall above the service line. The service side changes after each point are won. As soon as the player with the right to serve loses a rally, there is a change of service (comparable to volleyball).


In addition to serving, there are several ways to play the ball during a rally: the basic stroke is the long-line, in which you hit the ball straight and straight against the front wall and it flies straight back again. With a boast, you hit the ball over the sidewalls against the front wall. Ideally, the ball hits the front wall just above the tin and then falls onto the edge between the sidewall and the floor (nick). For the cross, you hit the ball directly against the front wall so that it bounces back at a V-shaped angle. With the volleyball, you can speed up the game. As a rule, the referee positions himself outside the field of play on the back wall of the court, if possible he takes a seat on a high seat.

The way the score is counted in squash is based on squash rules in the "point-a-rally" system, which is also used in volleyball. Each rally results in a point either for the player with the right to serve or for the receiver: the one who wins the rally receives the point. The game is played in sets of up to 11 points, but a set can only be won with a difference of two points. In addition, there are some safety issues you should keep in mind while playing. Mutual consideration is particularly important.


Things to Pay Attention in Squash Court Construction

Assembly should plan of squash court for the construction and installation of the individual squash court elements. The plans must include all structural requirements such as installation dimensions, fastening details, etc. The court installation must be carried out by a qualified assembly team that has been tested by the court manufacturer. Experience with the assembly of similar projects must be proven. The room temperature must be between 14 ° and 35 ° Celsius during installation. The 94mm thick system side wall consists of two 21mm thick, highly compressed RS panels that are mounted on steel C-profiles. The free-standing system side wall is mounted on the floor with two steel plates. The wall elements are already pre-painted with three layers of high-performance paint at the factory. A high-quality Integral Spor squash court paint in the color RAL 9001 is used for the final coat. The system wall is filled with 2½ tons of fire-dried quartz sand. The wall is flat, seamless and perfectly leveled. The line profiles are made of drawn aluminum in the red color.


It consists of two high-density, double-painted panels, each 3195 mm long and 21 mm thick. The upper edge of the ink is made of drawn aluminum in red. The nets consist of 3 mm thick, UV-resistant polypropylene cords with a mesh width of approx. 20 mm. They are attached to hooks every 100 mm and stretched with a 6 mm thick steel cable at a height of 6000 mm. The height can be adjusted. The attachments consist of 21 mm thick, highly compressed panels that have been painted twice.

The two wall elements and the door of the glass back wall are made of single-pane safety glass, 12 mm thick, with burned-in, white, 2 mm wide ceramic lines that reach a height of 610 mm. The clear width of the entrance is 914 mm and the minimum width for disabled access. The panes of glass are supported by an aluminum frame. The glass door that opens into the court is attached to the aluminum structure with fittings. The glass elements are stabilized by 300 mm wide and 2130 mm high glass swords attached at a 90-degree angle.


A Different Joy with an Expert Team in Sports World: Squash Court

The floor system of an ideal squash court consists of an area-elastic, shock-absorbing sports floor, which with its elasticity is suitable for multi-functional sports halls as well as squash courts. The height of the floor construction is 74 mm. The floor complies with the standard EN14904. The lighting system has a light intensity of 500 lux +/- 15%, measured at a height of one meter from the upper edge of the finished floor. The lighting fixtures must be ball-resistant to avoid damage from squash balls.

Integral Spor as a very experienced team will provide material, tools to install the squash courts according to the specifications and plans in the most budget-friendly squash court costs. All individual components of the courts such as court walls, glass walls, floors, tin, and lighting must be tested and approved by the World Squash Association WSF. As one of the most well-known manufacturer, we guarantee defect-free delivery and assembly. There is no guarantee period for broken glass and the marking lines of the squash court. We have already done many successful projects in more than 70 countries all around the world. Our business network consists of regular exportation with the UK, Russia, Albania, Algeria, Georgia, Kosovo, Italy and many others. If you are willing to experience the top-quality service in construction of squash sport hall, you are able to visit our website and have a closer look our previous successful projects. If you want to get even more information about our other services, you can click on this link easily.

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