Multi-Purpose Sports Field Construction

Multi-Purpose Sports Field Construction

Multi-purpose sport artificial turf is a type of grass preferred for the construction of basketball fields in non-commercial sports fields, schools, and public areas. Multi-purpose sport artificial grass, which can be used for many sports, is preferred because it is extremely practical and useful. Multi-purpose panels are commonly used in hotels, schools, and settlements. The most popular games such as mini football, tennis, volleyball and basketball can be played together on these fields. Multi-purpose sports field allow at least two of the sports to be played on a single floor. With multi-purpose sport artificial turf, games such as soccer, tennis, volleyball and badminton can be combined on one floor.


How Much Does a Turf Field Cost to Install?


One of the most preferred products among artificial turf is multi-purpose sport artificial turf. Multipurpose fields are preferred today because they save time, space and budget. Multi-purpose sport artificial turf is an economical product. It allows different sports to be played on a single field. You can work with many sports at the same time in a single field without the need for a separate field construction for each sport.

Multi-purpose field artificial turf is the preferred form of space for schools, public facilities and residential areas. We as Integral Spor company which has been exporting large scale products to the UK, Kosovo, France, Albania, Algeria, Egypt, Portugal, Bulgaria and many others, manufacture them either as indoor or outdoor spaces. Sports such as basketball, soccer and tennis can be played at the same time. Our artificial turf is used on multi-purpose stadiums and is a natural looking artificial turf field suitable for athletes who want to play football, basketball, hockey and rugby. By making a single, multi-purpose artificial turf field, as one of the most important multi-purpose stadiums benefits, you can practice many different sports, such as football, basketball and tennis.


What Are the Most Significant Benefit of Artificial Grass in Multi-Purpose Sports Field Construction?

Our artificial turf models, which are specially developed for multi-purpose sports field construction, can withstand long consecutive hours of play. With its natural grass-like appearance, low maintenance costs, player safety, ball performance and use in all weather conditions, it meets all the requirements of multi-purpose fields. We offer a wide range of artificial turf colors for multi-purpose sports. This allows you to easily and conveniently differentiate between different sports by assigning different colors to different areas. For multi-purpose sports field applications, our artificial turf offers the following advantages:

  • Resistant to all weather conditions.
  • Enduring against friction and abrasion.
  • Maintenance and repair costs are low.
  • Long lifetime.
  • Creates a safe playing field against knocks.
  • Eliminates the differences in soil in the field.



9 Steps of Multi-Purpose Sports Field Construction

Sports hall construction is usually divided into the following steps:

  • Determination of needs based on the sports behavior of the population
  • Selection of a suitable location for the sports hall / determination of alternative locations
  • Analysis of sport and user behavior
  • Creation of a space program and planning of sports equipment
  • Cost estimate and forecast of the operating costs for the sports hall
  • Creation of a financing concept
  • Creation of a framework schedule
  • Implementation and completion of the sports hall
  • Commissioning and implementation of the operating concept


Calculate Costs for the Multi-Purpose Sports Fields


In the case of new construction or renovation of a sports hall, the costs for the individual trades can quickly reach six figures and exceed the planned budget. With the sports hall calculator, you can calculate individual cost items related to the equipment of the sports hall such as the sports floor, the LED sports hall lighting or the sports equipment and incorporate them directly into your planning. Be it the price calculation for a linoleum sports hall floor or the conversion to ball-proof LED lights for your sports hall. Also multi-purpose court dimensions in meters are really crucial to estimate a rough expense for this process.


Equipment of the Multi-Purpose Sports Field

The equipment of the sports hall is based on the operating and usage concept. This should be determined in good time, as retrofitting the permanently installed sports equipment causes additional multi-purpose sports field costs afterwards and paralyzes ongoing sports operations for several weeks. The choice of the sports hall floor is primarily based on the usage and operating concept of the sports hall. A sports floor for pure school or training use must meet different requirements than a floor covering for international competitions. Numerous providers of sports floors offer high-quality products for different multi-purpose sports field dimensions that are suitable for various types of sport and can be used in a multifunctional manner. Clubs and municipalities should find out in advance which sports and protective properties characterize the sports floor and to what extent it is suitable for special sports.

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