How to Build the Best Golf Courses?

How to Build the Best Golf Courses?

Golf is one of the most popular and leading sports all over the world. It not only promotes wellness and fitness, but also provides an environment where friends, family and business partners can come together. Golf courses are sports facilities with natural and synthetic turf carpets on large areas. Artificial turf is used in the construction of golf courses, as there is excessive wear on the natural grass used in golf courses. Artificial grass is more advantageous in terms of being resistant to friction and abrasion compared to natural grass in terms of installation and maintenance and golf courses with artificial turf are suitable for use in all weather conditions in addition to being long-lasting facilities.

Golf courses are sports facilities with natural and synthetic turf carpets on very large areas. Since there is excessive wear on the natural grass used in golf fields, there is another turf type that can be used in these courses: astro turf. Astro turf is used in the construction of golf courses. Because thanks to astro turf, it is possible to enjoy playing golf anywhere. You can have a golf course in your own yard also as it is so easy to install and maintain. With astro turf, which is produced as an alternative to natural grass, you may have the chance to play golf in your garden with golf courses of any size.


Golf Course Construction Stages

Golf course construction consists of 3 main phases if installed by a leading manufacturer like Integral. The installation process starts with the infrastructure, then continues with the irrigation system and finally it is completed with natural grass or artificial turf. Of course it would be much better to use artificial turf as it has more advantages than natural turf. Let’s examine these 3 stages together!

golf course construction

  • Infrastructure Stage

Since golf courses consist of a combination of astro turf and artificial turf, different infrastructures are applied. Mounds and runways are built in desired areas in this stage.

  • The Construction Irrigation System

The automatic irrigation system is built into the infrastructure of golf courses. It can be watered at any time.

  • Artificial Grass Installation Stage

After laying the natural grass in various areas, a special astro turf golf course is placed on the remaining parts during the construction of large golf courses. Usually, the holes are surrounded by astro turf golf flooring material.

Building golf courses with artificial turf is more suitable for amateurs and those who have recently started playing golf. In artificial turf applications, various problems such as placing the removed grass or soil underground and creating green areas do not occur. It is not possible to play golf on natural turf after rain while you can play golf on artificial turf even after rain.


Grass for Golf Courses

It is possible to find astro turf applications in golf courses with natural grass. Astro turf, which is specially produced for golf courses, is frequently used in golf courses. It can be said that green astro peats, especially imported from abroad, are more suitable for placement, spawning and chipping compared to natural grass. Astro grass is much more economical than natural grass in terms of production cost. Therefore, astro turf is widely preferred in golf course construction applications.

golf course construction cost


Golf Course with Artificial Grass Construction Cost

Golf course construction cost varies according to the type of artificial turf to be used, the dimensions of the field to be built and its location. In order to get a price according to your project, you can get an offer from the company that you have chosen. By contacting golf course construction companies, you may get further information about all of the details on golf courses.


Integral Spor and Golf Courses

Integral, which specializes in golf courses and other sports materials, carries out the golf course construction in a short time. Thanks to the special synthetic grass carpet that Integral produces, you may now enjoy golf everywhere. You can also have a golf course in your own garden thanks to synthetic grass carpets that are very easy to install and maintain. Thanks to its experienced team, hardworking teams, disciplined business approach, and fast customer support, you can also work with our Integral family and enjoy quality golf courses. Even when the process is over, we care for you and stand by you in case of any problem you encounter.  At the same time, we produce products that you can use comfortably without worry with our guaranteed products.

If you want to work with us, you can fill out the form below for detailed information and free golf courses with artificial grass cost information. We will get back to you as soon as possible! If you are looking for golf courses for sale, Integral is beside you!

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