Artificial Turf for Golf Courses Artificial Turf for Golf Courses

Golf sport was a sport branch that was part of a certain class a short time ago throughout the world. This situation began to change in recent time. Golf is becoming a sport branch that is reachable by many people throughout the world. Usage of artificial turf has a big impact in this progress.

Using artificial turf on golf courses also decreases construction and maintenance costs of golf courses in a significant way. Pruning and irrigation being the most difficult and important elements in maintenance have been eliminated with usage of artificial turf. A golf course which is made with quality artificial turf can be used for a long time without requiring any maintenance but cleaning.

Again, a revolution took place on golf courses with artificial turf. ‘Mini golf’ that can be defined as sub-branch of golf appeared.

Mini golf is divided into two types as being fixed or portable. It can be designed and purchased in the dimensions desired. Mini golfs that are not fixed can be carried and they can be used for social activities in different places. All of this can be done by using artificial turf. Ground of almost all of the mini golfs is made of artificial turf!

What kind of an artificial turf should be used at golf courses and mini golf areas?

Two particulars are very important.
1-During the play direction of ball should not change,
2-Speed of ball should decrease in a balanced way.

An artificial turf which is very thick should be preferred for this purpose. All threads should be equal in length. And most importantly, a quality product must be preferred. Best choice would be to obtain artificial turf from the producer.