How to build indoor basketball court for gym / home / garage?

How to build indoor basketball court for gym / home / garage?

Most of people are running up and down due to having a lot of work and a stressful business life.People sometimes can not find enough time for his own and family members. This is a big problem of modern life. People are trying to find sometimes in order to make some sport activities. If You have an indoor basketball court at Your home it is very easy for You to play basketball with Your family, kids or relatives.

How to Build indoor basketball court?

So how to build indoor basketball court? It is very easy and not complicated at all.You can turn Your garage into an indoor basketball court. If You do not know how to build indoor basketball court , here we give You some tips.

How to build indoor basketball court for Gym home - garage?

Indoor Court Construction Stage 1
First of all in order to build indoor basketball court You need to have an enough space at Your gym, garage, garden or office. You must prepare the ground and make a smooth concrete on it.

Indoor Court Construction Stage 2
After that You can use different kinds of floorings for basketball such as rubber flooring, parquet (hardwood sports hall flooring), PU (polyurethane flooring) or acrylic floor paint. You can use any of them which is better for Your budget.

Indoor Court Construction Stage 3
After that You must paint basketball game lines according to International Basketball Federation standards. You must use some kind of isolation materials not to disturb others when playing in indoor basketball court at home.

Indoor Court Construction Stage 4
The lighting is also very important. You must definitely use LED lights which are eco friendly and consumption less energy.

Indoor Court Construction Stage 5
Don’t forget to install basket hoops carefully and safely. You must not forget to put some windows in Your pitch in order to air the basketball court.

Because You will need fresh ventilate all the time. So as I result no need of thinking too much about how to build indoor basketball court, it is just simple. Indoor basketball court construction can be easily done for gyms, garages, homes, schools and for private areas.

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