What are the Requirements for Basketball Courts?

What are the Requirements for Basketball Courts?

Getting fresh air while practicing a sport is crucial, but sometimes, especially in negative weather conditions when playing in open air is not possible, indoor court is what comes to save the day. Different types of indoor sports halls are possible to construct. Among them, there is also indoor basketball court.

We are all familiar with indoor basketball courts. Even though it only seems like we only encounter with them in professional games we watch live or online, or in sports halls, these areas are not the only places that an indoor basketball court is built.

Did you know that you can also have an indoor basketball court constructed at your home or in your garage? Yes, it is possible to have a basketball court in the desired area! If you are curious about indoor basketball courts at home or garage, then, it means that this article is for you. Let’s start by discussing features of basketball courts.


Features of Basketball Courts

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  • Standard basketball court sizes are 18m in width and 28m in length. But it should be also known that there should be a space of 2meters surrounding the field.
  • Flooring options of basketball courts are wide. Tartan, acrylic, PVC, polyurethane, synthetic grass, parquet are alternatives that you can choose between. For indoor basketball court flooring and outdoor basketball court, you can choose the most suitable one.
  • Basketball courts’ grounds must be flexible and durable to abrasions or wearing out, or simply to any kind of damage that could happen. By this way, the health of the players is also secured when there is something negative like tripping or falling happens. Flexible and durable ground enables them not to get injured heavily in a situation like that.
  • Flexibility is also an important criterion since it means better and more comfortable movement for the players, and this means overall a better game performance for them. Since the players need to be active on the court all the time, running, walking, bouncing the ball, they need to move comfortably.
  • Type of the ground cover that is chosen to floor a basketball court must have a sound absorption feature to omit the noise on a basketball court.
  • In a basketball court, there are two hoops that belongs to two rival teams. The hoop is made out of iron, and it is surrounded by a net hanging from it.


Building an Indoor Basketball Court

There are lots of indoor basketball court open to public that you can find around the area you live. Many schools, gyms, basketball courses, sports halls host indoor courts. But of course, they are not limited to be used only in these places. If you want your own space to enjoy this sport, you can also build your own private court for yourself at home.

Indoor basketball court construction is an operation that needs to be carried out by professionals. Starting from the infrastructure preparation to the lines drawn on the court and hoops are added as the finisher, the whole process requires an expert team to perform it efficiently. The base preparation stage, flooring work, proper illumination and ventilation of the court are the steps to take when building a court. Make sure that the team is a professional one in their jobs with great experience in this industry to have the desired result at the end of the process.


What Do We Do?

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Determining the Price of Indoor Basketball Court

Turning your garage into a home indoor basketball court is a great idea if you want to have a private court for yourself. You might be curious about how much does it cost to build an indoor basketball court? We should inform you that each project is unique, thus, the cost will vary in line with that.

To get a price offer for your project, reach us by filling out the form given below. Our professional team will reach out to you as immediate as possible.

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