What are the Floor Covering Types and Costs Used in Basketball Court Construction on 2021?

What are the Floor Covering Types and Costs Used in Basketball Court Construction on 2021?

Nowadays, the usage of parquet as a flooring system has become so common in indoor basketball courts. In addition to the parquet flooring systems, acrylic flooring is also so popular in outdoor sports fields. On the other hand, especially hardwood floors are preferred in professional basketball court. However, this type of flooring system is not recommended to use on the fields where amateur player spend their time because it wears out very quickly. As a contrast to acrylic flooring, tartan and polyurethane flooring is also one of the most preferred flooring systems for basketball courts. This product is mostly used in outdoor areas due to its durability and budget-friendly price opportunities compared to hardwood flooring systems.


Has Company Huge Importance in Basketball Court Installation?

Also, other parameters can change the preferences of the flooring system. If you are willing to build an indoor basketball court, you need to choose specific flooring systems. But in the case of an outdoor basketball court, you need to prefer other types of floor coverage. Because this type of coverage should be long-lasting and it should have a strong resistance to any kind of weather conditions. Also, the choice of different colors and patterns is left to the customer's preference. In addition to all these points, some companies offer opportunities to customize your own products as you are willing to have. In other words, you are able to give your order in a specific way by explaining what you need exactly.

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One of them is Integral Group. This company provides a wide range of products and you do not need to give a specific order according to your needs. Because definitely, you are able to find the suitable flooring material for your basketball court. This company provides the necessary convenience to the customer by specifying their own recommendations as Integral Group. An appropriate basketball court flooring system is generally chosen according to the infrastructure and whether the field is indoor or outdoor. In any case, this company is one of the most important basketball court manufacturers in Turkey. They have been producing everything that you need in this phase. Due to their top quality products and clients’ satisfaction, they have many strong business connections all around the world. There are several countries such as the USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Iraq, Libya, Dubai, and many others with which they have worked.


What Are the Types of Flooring Systems in Basketball Court Installation in Morocco?

Basketball courts’ ground can be covered with the help of four different flooring systems. These are tartan which has a flexible, water-permeable floor consisting of two layers, parquet which is a type of wooden coating generally used in sports flooring. In addition to them, the acrylic is durable, hygienic, easy to clean, and can be easily repaired in a very short time and the last but not least polyurethane which is smooth, semi-flexible, extremely easy to clean, crack-covering, matte, or glossy topcoat. First of all, we are going to explain the benefits of parquet flooring systems usage. This flooring has so much quality in its content. It is used usually in indoor basketball courts and this product looks so chic with its innovative design. As well as its perfect decent appearance, it has a non-slip surface obtained from maple or oak. To be honest it is the main reason for the client’s preference. But we need to clarify that this parquet which we have mentioned here is not the parquet used in our living spaces. In particular, the parquet which is used in basketball courts goes through some processes in order to create a more elastic surface. The main reason for this is to create less danger of injury and to support some movements which are necessary for these sports activities such as bouncing and dribbling of the ball. basketball-court-manufacturers

Secondly, we are going to explain the important features of the polyurethane flooring system in basketball courts. Polyurethane floor is a protective structure that is applied on concrete surfaces. In terms of usage areas, it can be used both in indoor and also outdoor areas. Likely other types of basketball court flooring systems, it does not slip or wear. These products have many color varieties which can be seen as another reason for preference. On the other hand, the tartan flooring system is one of the most preferred materials for basketball courts. These products have a two-layer structure. The main reason for its common usage is that it is the most durable floor in terms of durability. In other words, this flooring system can be used for many years if you take care of them properly. It has a flexible, impact-reducing, non-slip structure. However, due to the difficulty of application, it has one of the most expensive basketball court installation among other types of flooring systems.


Which Type of Flooring System Is the Most Preferred One in Serbia?

Acrylic flooring systems have become so popular among customers due to their features. First of all, in terms of the cost, it offers the most budget-friendly option among other types of flooring systems. Thus you are able to have to pay much lower basketball court installation costs. On the other hand, this product is so easy to install and apply on any kind of grounds. Therefore, acrylic sports court flooring systems are preferred in many diverse areas such as neighborhoods, schools, etc. It has also so elastic and flexible structure which allows the ball to bounce naturally. Due to its non-slip structure, it prevents some possible athletes’ injuries during the training sessions or exercises. This flooring system is made of acrylic paint, most importantly, after the concrete has dried, acrylic paint is applied to the well-smoothed surface. In this way, the problems on the basis of weight are solved. Basketball courts can be built in every colors thanks to the acrylic paint. If you are planning to build a basketball court, we highly recommend these products. But you should choose the company which you are going to get this service from carefully.

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