Which Artificial Grass is Used in Football Fields?

Which Artificial Grass is Used in Football Fields?

While the use of artificial grass in football fields is getting more serious day by day, the advantages that people gain by making use of these systems increase. Get ready for the use of artificial grass, which is an option you can choose to direct your new investments and benefit from better quality solutions. Artificial grass, which has existed for many years in human life, opens the door to very high-quality solutions. Because synthetic grass offers successful solutions not only visually but also functionally, it is among the most preferred options by almost everyone. It is necessary to explore the qualities of artificial grass, which is more advantageous than natural grass. In addition to synthetic grass football fields, which have been used since the middle of the 19th century and are widely preferred today, it is also widely preferred in sports facilities such as carpet fields. So, what are the grass options used on football fields? Let's take a closer look at this issue!


Artificial Grass Options Used in Football Fields

Football fields are sports facilities designed under UEFA or FIFA standards. One of the most important issues in the fields where professional football competitions are held and where football players compete is to provide solutions to protect the health of athletes. Our company cares about not only the health of the athletes but also reducing the costs thanks to the successful and quality options it offers you. So, what are the astro turf options offered to you? Here are the answers!


Super C Astro Turf

synthetic grass

Super C model, which is the first option that comes to mind when it comes to football field construction, is one of the highest standard astro turf options. It is quite possible to capture the natural grass appearance in this grass carpet model, which is produced from monofilament yarn type and whose number of yarns per m2 can reach up to 230.000. In addition to being easily used in open and indoor football fields, it is very resistant to UV rays, which contributes to the attractiveness of this grass option. You will be able to create wonders with this grass option, which has a lifespan of up to 7 years. Super C, where color fading or aging is not possible, is highly preferred because it complies with FIFA standards.


Super V Astro Turf

When it comes to using astro turf for football field construction, one of the most important options that should come to the agenda will be Super V. This grass model, which is produced by our company and spread on the fields with special application techniques, is made of monofilament yarn. There are very similar features between the Super V grass model and the Super C grass model. The number of yarn can reach up to 240,000 per m2. In this respect, it should be stated that the product will be indispensable for football fields. Super V, which is a very handy option in protecting the health of athletes, draws attention because it affects performance positively. Super V astro turf, which has visually similar qualities to natural grass, is also very strong against abrasion. It is possible to use this grass type, which is highly resistant to climate changes, in summer and winter. For almost anyone who wants to use a grass in FIFA standards, the Super V choice will be very accurate.


Special Synthetic Grass

This product, also known as carpet field grass, manages to be one of the perfect options for almost everyone who wants to use synthetic grass and has the desire to establish a football field. Special synthetic grass, which is one of the valuable options that come to mind when it comes to grass carpet, is produced from 100% PE monofilament. Synthetic grass, which is considered to be cost-effective due to its being a very useful option for football fields in the middle profile, can reach 115,000 threads per square meter. You can use this product with peace of mind, which also provides investment advantages due to its high quality and comfortable use for up to 8 years. The only thing you need to do to design and apply this product, whose color options can be differentiated according to demand, is to reach our company.


Monoturf Synthetic Grass

The most valuable aspect of this product, which supports the grass quality to be used in football fields to be at very successful standards, is its usefulness. It is worth mentioning that this product, which is produced from monofilament yarn and is valuable in revealing the natural grass appearance, can be used for up to 10 years. Damage due to seasonal changes is absent compared to natural grass. In other words, it is possible to get maximum efficiency from this product regardless of whether the football field is indoor or outdoor. You can choose this synthetic grass model which is preferred in smaller diameter fields and especially in training fields with peace of mind.


Powergrass Synthetic Grass

PowerGrass, which is considered among the most valuable solutions for the use of artificial grass, is used extensively on amateur football fields. It is valuable in terms of its durability and opening doors to quality solutions while being one of the ideal options for carpet fields. It will be possible to mention that this product, which provides a guaranteed usage opportunity for 6 years, creates a different atmosphere in football fields. Being very strong against wear and tear is one of the options that increase the quality of the product. With the use of PowerGrass, you can feel the privileges of choosing a perfect artificial grass.


Duograss Artificial Grass

astro turf

You will be able to benefit from flawless solutions in football fields thanks to artificial grass, which is manufactured using fibrillated yarn and reveals that it is a very valuable grass type with this feature. If you want to play a role in the creation of football fields with low investment costs and want to bring the quality to the top, you can contact our company. Duograss artificial grass, which provides perfect options for up to 7 years and attracts attention with its quality, will be your number one choice. With the support of our company's experts, make sure of the quality of the products you will use and maximize efficiency on the football field! We dream of supporting you by offering valuable solutions in football field construction. While bringing quality to the forefront, we attach great importance to providing suitable solutions to your requests. We take care not to shake your budget, especially while working to produce solutions suitable for customer demands. Contact us now to benefit from exclusive privileges and use the highest quality options! To get information about our products and services, visit our site now and enjoy the advantages!

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