What Will Be Done After The Infrastructure Operations Of The Basketball Court?

What Will Be Done After The Infrastructure Operations Of The Basketball Court?

Basketball is a sport played by hand and aiming to score by throwing the ball into the basket. Playing basketball is very important in terms of health, it is a major factor for children especially who are increasing in length in the developmental age. The basketball floor should be flexible and the risk of injury should be minimized when athletes fall. Let’s try to learn the procedures to be done together, after the completion of the basketball infrastructure work.

Completion of Iron Parts of Basketball Court

After the infrastructure works, pipes which are integrated into the concrete line should be welded with pipes of 4 meters height. 3 rows of horizontal pipes should be welded to the bottom, top and middle to pipe columns. Pipes should be connected with weld to areas with short and long corners. The areas where the lighting will be placed should be defined as long sides of the field and 5 meters high pipes should be connected to 4 pieces in the related region by welding. A hinged door should be built in the desired location of the site. After the assembly process of iron parts is finished, it is painted with special metal anticorrosion with synthetic resin suitable for the colour of the paint.

The Process of Drawing Wire Fence to Basketball Court

The perimeter of the site should be covered with a spiral wire mesh which is a green 40×40 mm mesh, dipped in PVC. After all the connections are made by stretching the wire mesh, the wire fences should be tightened to the perimeter of the wire mesh and fixed with the terminal blocks.

What Will Be Done After The Infrastructure Operations Of The Basketball Court?

The lighting of the Basketball Court

In the future, in case of lights deterioration, the poles where the projectors will be placed should be manufactured with stairs. The number of projectors can vary depending on the size of the site. 400 W projectors should be mounted on metal parts. Electrical connections must be made in accordance with standards and should be completed with rubber insulated cable. While electrical wiring which must be fit in the panel installed, the projectors should be delivered in working condition.

Making Basketball Basket and Accessories

Baskets should be stitched on the ground where the eye bolts were already placed. As a final step, the basketball floor coating process should be started. Basketball field should be determined beforehand and infrastructure works should be done accordingly. Tartan floors or acrylic floors are generally used in basketball courts. The most important feature of a basketball court is that bounce of the ball and the players do not get injured or wounded when they fall. Tartan floor is a flexible material and has shock-absorbing properties. It is never affected by water, is durable and basketball bounces on it better. After the ground operations are completed, it is time to make basketball lines. Basketball lines are made according to the technical drawings that are wanted. The lines should be drawn after the basketball court is completed. It should be ensured that the lines drawn have better quality, long life and indelible properties. Basketball courts are divided into two as open and closed. Hardwood floors are generally used for closed courts . If you want to build a basketball court or floor, you can contact with us. We are ready to serve you with our professional team and technical knowledge.

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