What Are The Documents Tequired To Open A Football Carpet Field?

What Are The Documents Tequired To Open A Football Carpet Field?

With the urbanization, the fields for sportive activities have started to decrease. Football lovers, especially once a week, go to football carpet fields to stress out. Human population is increasing day by day, parallel to this, housing has increased too much. Reduction of the spaces in our environment has left the people to feel absence of sports. Even though there is no empty land, you know that if something is scarce, the more the value. For this reason, the number of those who want to invest in the field of football carpet is a lot.

Who Can Open Football Carpet Fields? Is a competence needed to open a Football carpet field?

If you have enough capital, or you can find the capital, you can easily open a football carpet field. You can legally establish a football carpet field with one person or a partner. To build a football carpet field, you do not need any competence documents.

What Documents Do You Need To Open A Football Carpet Field?

Those who will invest in the football carpet field shall apply to the official authorities and obtain a number of permits. So what are the documents required to open the football carpet field? Let’s examine in our article.

You must apply to the Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports; If you are in the area where you intend to open the facility, you should contact the Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports in that region and notify. You must inform them about what kind of equipment the facility has so that they make an assessment and get back to you.

You must apply to TFF Regional Directorate; Entrepreneur should apply to TFF Regional Directorate immediatelty and register with the football carpet field and permits.

You should get workplace license from the municipality; You can get workplace working license by contacting the municipality located in the area where you will establish the football carpet field. If the football carpet field to be established does not constitute a problem for the municipality, the license is usually issued within 2-3 days.

What Are The Documents Tequired To Open A Football Carpet Field?

What To Consider To Open A Football Carpet Field?

The location of the football carpet field should be determined very well. You should get all the information by doing research for a while. Football Carpet field investment; it gives you forward-looking serious gains.

There are many issues to be considered in the determination of location. If the football carpet field is close to the city center and transportation, this is one of the most important issues to be researched before making a choice. The car park must be located on the premises of football carpet field.

You should researche how much you have to pay before you build a field. Investment doesn’t just end with the football carpet field. Football carpet field locker rooms, shower areas, cafes and other expenses, very good calculation is required.

If you have decided to make a football carpet field, you should be informed correctly, you will have to work with the companies that can submit a detailed report after the cost estimate. Learn the entire process from the quality of the artificial turf to the construction of field premises.

Football carpet field is a specialty job. You should research the expertise work and give it to a company with references. If necessary, you can have detailed information by calling the references. I hope you will be able to set up your football carpet field in the best time and the most appropriate cost.

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