What Are the Conditions That Basketball Courts Should Be Made Accordingly?

What Are the Conditions That Basketball Courts Should Be Made Accordingly?

Building a basketball court is a task that requires expertise; therefore it needs to be done with great care. Basketball floor should be made with slight slope so that water can be easily disposed and the floor can remain dry. If rainwater is accumulated on the floor, there can’t be any game played on the court. Professional courts usually have roofs and are not exposed to rain. Open courts are exposed to rain and must be sloped so that the water can leave the floor. On wet floors, players can slip down and get injured. Lines on the basketball court should be drawn in accordance with the procedure. If the lines are not drawn correctly, we can’t talk about the a right match.

Basketball field construction must be planned according to a specification before starting. In non-professional open basketball courts, dimensions are usually made according to the situation of the field. What are the necessary steps to build a basketball court, you may learn by reading our article.

How Should Basketball Field Infrastructure Work Be Done?

It is important to bring the floor to zero code and to make the application work. After excavation works, 25-30 cm depth should be excavated into the surrounding line. The excavated areas should be connected to the two-faced molds at a certain height and the Iron should be placed inside the mold. The anchors placed must be connected to the reinforcement. After connecting the etrays, Anchorage pipes should be fixed to the areas where the future of the poles will form the environment until the mold is inside. Concrete lines should be formed by pouring concrete into the environment molds.

Depending on the type of coating to be made on the floor, infrastructure works can be carried out in different forms. If tartan and grass carpet will be applied to the upper part of the concrete floor, it should be leveled by laying crumbatas inside the area surrounding the concrete line. Leveling steel reinforcement by giving a slope on top of the concrete should be leveled and poured on.

What Are the Conditions That Basketball Courts Should Be Made Accordingly?

If there will be asphalt floor to the top of the concrete, how should infrastructure work in acrylic, grass, carpet and tartan floor applications? Crushing stone should be laid into the area surrounded by concrete lines and leveling should be done. In the same way, the steel reinforcement should be poured on the concrete and leveling should be done by giving the slope on the crushing stone. The final layer of the concrete floor should be laid on the asphalt and the cylinder must be poured over.

After the infrastructure of the basketball court is finished, you can proceed to the translation process. The more accurate and high-quality basketball field infrastructure, the longer the life of the field. The smoother the floor of the basketball court, the more comfortable the players are. If you want to have a basketball court or floor, you can contact us.

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