Volleyball Courts Are Increasing!

Volleyball Courts Are Increasing!

The interest in volleyball sport is increasing day by day, the most important reason for this is the continuous increase in volleyball courts. Volleyball is a sport that can be played by everyone from seven to seventy. Of course, in professional matches, men and women play separately. Volleyball among friends, schools and gardens can be played. Volleyball is an enjoyable sport. Volleyball fields begin to increase because the increase in investors and the municipalities give importance to this sport. As with the rules of each sport, volleyball has its own rules. In general, the hand-held volleyball consists of 3 sets, 1 set means 25 points. There may be exceptions, if 2-2 draw occurs, 5 sets can be played.

Volleyball Overview!

Volleyball can be played outdoors or in indoor areas. Volleyball ground may vary depending on the type. What is the floor? It can be made of flexible parquet, rubber and sand. Volleyball field is a work that requires expertise. People who are not experts in the field, certainly should not make volleyball court. A quality field means professionalism and a quality match. Do you know what size a volleyball court is? The size of a professional volleyball court is 18×9 meters. The playground is rectangular, there are gaps at the edges of the field, and after the gaps, the site is again surrounded. Field edges should be clean and the athletes should be free of obstacles.

Volleyball Courts Are Increasing!

Ground surface is very important in Volleyball!

In fact, the ground surface is important for all sports, but if the ground is not good in volleyball, the risk of injury and injury may be high. The floor must be flat and horizontal; athletes should not be injured when they fall to the ground. Construction of slippery, rough and hard floors should never be allowed. The floor to be built in indoor sports halls should be made of light colors in indoor fields. Lines on the sides of the court should be white and the floor should be made with the most used rubber in the world. Rubber ground; it must have a structure that has shock absorbency and prevents injury when the player falls.

There is a net in the middle of the volleyball field and the field is divided into two by the net. Have you ever wondered what the size of a world-class net is? The width of a standard net should be 1 meter wide and 9.50 meters long. The net must be stretched and should be upright above the volleyball floor. The height of the nets in volleyball sport varies between males and females. The net height for men should be 2.43 meters and 2.24 meters for women. The poles to which the nets are connected must be round and must not have any roughness to allow injuries.

If you are going to start playing volleyball, you can find a volleyball school in your area. If you want to invest in a volleyball court, you should prefer the companies that do their job in a high quality and correct way. Voleyball is one of the most enjoyable sports branches in the world.

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