Volleyball Court Construction and Cost

Volleyball Court Construction and Cost

Sport represents one of the most important and healthy aspects in the life of every individual: if you do sport regularly and at any age, the body can remain dynamic and happy. Activity of good health in interaction with your teammates. Among the group sports that manage to combine the relationship aspect and physical exercise to maintain shape, there is beach volleyball. It is a sporting activity that can be practiced on the beach or a volleyball court during a beach vacation, but the big fans of this beautiful team game can easily build a real beach volleyball court, simply but effectively, even in autumn, in the garden or on the terrace. Here is a useful practical guide to help you figure out about volleyball court construction details, how much does it cost to build a volleyball court and how to build a sand volleyball court with a few tools and with little effort!


Tools for Volleyball Court Build by Yourself

  • a shovel for digging
  • one network and two professional poles
  • artificial sand
  • an insulating film
  • a fence


Realize The Field Equidistant from The Boundaries of the Garden


In order to easily proceed a beautiful beach volleyball court installation, we need to keep simple tricks in mind, such as making it some distance from the boundaries of the garden in terms of the volleyball court size. It is then necessary to use a shovel to make a real hole in the ground, at least 60 cm deep. The playing field should be in the shape of a rectangle with the smaller sides being 10 meters while the larger sides are 20 meters. On the other hand, if the available space is rather limited, it is possible to create a rectangular beach volleyball court with smaller dimensions, 5 by 10 meters.


Put in A Layer of Insulating Material

At this point it is necessary to insulate the bottom of the field dug in the ground by laying a layer of insulation: in this way we will avoid the formation of weeds and, most importantly, it will be possible to use the sand necessary for the game to unfold to form mix with the soil below. Then two professional sticks and a beach volleyball net in volleyball court backyard have to be bought to fix the sticks in the ground exactly in the middle of the field. Finally, fill the bottom of the field with man-made sand, which you can get right at a hardware store.


How to Build an Indoor Volleyball Court?


The dimensions of a beach volleyball field are not the same as in conventional indoor volleyball. In beach volleyball, the field must be 16 x 8 meters. Indoor volleyball fields are two meters longer and one meter smaller. The beach volleyball field is smaller when you ask that how much does it cost to build an outdoor, the answer is much more affordable than indoor one in terms of the volleyball court installation cost. It is smaller because usually only 2 players per team compete against each other. Several players per team are normal for unofficial recreational games or training.

Beach volleyball field has no center line. But it has two end lines and two sidelines. All lines are 2 to 8 centimeters wide. The materials of the lines vary. But they are made of durable material. They also need to be easy to tell apart from the sand. The beach volleyball field has a zone of at least 3 meters outside the boundary. This is for security reasons. The organizers want to make sure that a player jumping after the ball does not hit a stone. The field must have a circumference of no more than three meters around it. In the professional game, a safety zone of four meters is used.


Basic Rules to Play

Two teams with two players each practice the sport. The net in the middle divides the playing field. The goal of both teams is to throw the ball over the opposing side over the net. A team wins if the ball hits the sand on the other side. A maximum of three ball contacts is allowed per team before they have to push the ball over the net into the opposing half of the field. Beach volleyball This happens when a player smashes the ball from his own end of the field. The game continues until the ball hits the sand. The winner of the game gets one point.

Beach volleyball field dimensions are strictly adhered to in professional games. However, these rules are not normally used in normal beach games. The size of the ball is only slightly larger than that used in an indoor game. If you are willing to build a volleyball court, does not matter indoor, outdoor or beach one, you can contact us. As Integral Spor team which has completed a numerous project in the USA, the UK, Algeria, Malta, Russia, Serbia, Saudi Arabia and many others. We would be pleased if we can help you with our cost-free consultation service. 

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