What are Tennis Court Surfaces Made of?

What are Tennis Court Surfaces Made of?

Tennis court surfaces are divided into two parts as natural floors and synthetic floors.

Natural Tennis Court Surfaces

Clay : It is made of compressed Stones or bricks.It is cheap and easy for installation. Clay tennis surfaces are famous in Europe.This surface is not preferrred too much nowadays in tennis court surfaces.

Natural Grass: It was very famous and popular before but not now. It is not popular nowadays because it has too much maintenance cost. It is impacted too much from weather conditions. This tennis court surface was used in Wimbledon.

Synthetic Tennis Court Surfaces

Hard courts: The surface can be adjusted by changing the paint coating. Acrylic tennis court was used in US Open. Acrylic surfaces are creating a faster game for players.It has shoch absorbation feature.It is very common in the World nowadays. This surface is very good for players.

What are Tennis Court Surfaces Made of?

Artificial Turf: These are removable tennis court surfaces.It can be made from artificial turf. It is good for fast game. This surface is not demanded more in the market.

Rubber Tennis Flooring: It’s a flexible and fast tennis court flooring. Rubber flooring is the preferred tennis court ground in recent years.

People are deciding about the tennis court surface according to their budget. The lines must be done by acrylic painting which stays on the surface for a long time.

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