2022 Best Investment Option: Tennis Court

2022 Best Investment Option: Tennis Court

Our tennis courts, as Integral Spor, are built by our company in accordance with the issues determined by the International Tennis Federation (ITF), and these courts are not built for professional use only. Apart from these uses, it is built according to the shapes and dimensions determined by you, our customers, for amateur uses.

Integral Spor has a leading position in the sector not only in the construction of artificial turf, but also in the construction of tennis courts. Don't be intimidated by tennis court prices! You can take full advantage of our internationally specialized and well-known tennis courts. It is up to you to make an important investment in your future by building a tennis court. Tennis, which people have been active in and enjoy watching from the past to the present, will continue to be preferred in the same way or even more in the future. Therefore, having a tennis court will be a life assurance for you.

Our tennis courts are not only preferred by professional sports clubs. Municipalities started to build tennis courts after the increase in the statistics of people tending to different sports branches.

Significant investments are made throughout our country in order to spread sports all over the world and to train new talents in the field of tennis. For this purpose, many modern tennis courts in our country were built by our company. With the tennis court investments of the municipalities, our children, who are the architects of our future, will be encouraged to participate in sports, and many international activities will be organized in our country. As Integral Spor, we are building tennis courts for you and our children, who form our future, together with our experienced and expert team.

If you are wondering how we built our tennis courts, you can continue reading our article and contact us for more detailed information.

Tennis Court Construction


He is very expert in the field of Integral Sports in tennis court construction and also has references in tennis court construction. We aim for you to experience a professional and enjoyable game process in our tennis courts that we have built for you. Our tennis courts, which we have built in accordance with world standards, are built in the dimensions you want, on the type of floor you want, open or closed. Cheapest way to build a tennis court will vary according to the issues we have mentioned below. If you want to get detailed information, you can continue reading our article and contact us.

We can list the stages of building a tennis court as follows:

  • 1. Process: Before the tennis court is built, a project must be prepared first. In this project, the area where the tennis court will be built is examined, the dimensions of the field and the infrastructure features are decided. After all these issues are completed, the project is transferred to the digital environment.
  • 2. Process: Afterwards, the process continues with concrete casting, iron works, wire mesh, lighting, synthetic grass carpet flooring and tennis net installation.
  • 3. Process: First of all, the floor plan where the tennis court will be built is leveled. The foundation was dug for the beam formwork that would go around the entire perimeter of the site. Then, the net is made using 8 and 12 iron bars for the beam. In order to connect the main pillars of the fence to be positioned within the perimeter beam, 3” anchor pipes are placed on the scale at regular intervals. Then, ready-mixed concrete in the form of BS 20 is poured into the perimeter beam formwork. Drainage channels are opened to establish a drainage system. The reason for this is to prevent the accumulation of water in the field. When the field drainage system is completed with the appropriate material, these channels are closed and reset with the ground. After the drainage system is completed, the floor of the tennis court is covered with gravel filling material. Ready-mixed concrete is poured on crushed stone and polished thoroughly with the "helicopter polishing" method.
  • 4. Process: After these infrastructure works, the tennis court's perimeter poles and wire fence operations continue to be constructed.
  • 5. Process: Vertical pole pipes are connected to the anchor pipes placed on the line by welding. support pipes are connected to these pipes as upper, middle and horizontal. Afterwards, reinforcements were applied to the horizontal pipes from four corners diagonally. Vertical reinforcement pipes are laid on the vertical pipes located on all four sides of the site at regular intervals.
  • 6. Process: In the next step, lighting poles with ladders are placed on the long sides of the tennis court. Metal-formed projectors with 400 W lighting capacity are placed on these poles. Finally, synthetic grass carpet coating is applied. Then, 4x4 cm mesh, dipped galvanized and PVC coated wire mesh is stretched to the poles around the court and the whole field is fenced.

Indoor Tennis Court


The tennis courts built by our company are built according to your preference as indoor and outdoor. Indoor tennis courts are generally preferred by our customers who want to build a tennis court for commercial purposes or by schools that want to have a tennis court.

It is possible to use indoor tennis courts in all conditions, in all seasons. Anyone can use the indoor tennis court at any time of the day without being affected by the current weather conditions. Our indoor tennis courts built by our company are covered with a steel construction and insulated with a tarpaulin or PVC coating. Our tennis courts built in this way are of very high quality and are durable for years of use. According to your request, the tarpaulins around the field can be opened and the indoor tennis court area can be ventilated.

On the floors, we place artificial grass carpets that we have produced as Integral Spor. In this way, those who use the tennis court will be able to show a very high performance. We use our LED projectors for the lighting system. In this way, we are building tennis courts that you can use with very useful and high performance. The cost of the indoor tennis court varies according to the issues we have mentioned above. You can contact us for detailed information.

Outdoor Tennis Court

Another type of tennis court is the outdoor tennis court. Outdoor tennis court is generally preferred by professional sports clubs. Professional tennis tournaments are usually held on open tennis courts. There are also tribunes on the outdoor tennis courts. However, according to the wishes of our customers, the top of the tribunes can be closed whenever you want and can be opened whenever you want.

Although open tennis courts are generally preferred by professional sports clubs, it is also known as the most preferred type of tennis court economically. We generally build outdoor tennis courts in municipalities, housing estates, hotel gardens and school gardens.

As Integral Spor, we are one of the most important companies among the companies that make tennis courts, which are known not only in Turkey but also all over the world. With our strong business networks, we are building tennis courts in various countries such as Saudi Arabia, Philippines, France, Spain, Albania, Italy, Russia, USA. You can also fill in the form below for detailed information and also indoor tennis courts new jersey, indoor tennis courts long island and indoor tennis westchester. Our expert team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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