Expert Solutions in Stadium Consultancy

Expert Solutions in Stadium Consultancy

At Integral Spor®, we have been constructing turnkey sports facilities in over 90 countries for more than 20 years. Alongside this, our stadium consulting services guide you through every stage of your stadium project, creating solutions tailored to your needs.


Your Stadium Consultant: Integral Spor®

Our stadium consulting services at Integral Spor® offer a comprehensive approach. Get acquainted with our services:

  • Project Management and Consulting: Every stadium project has its own unique needs and goals. We provide specialized solutions to meet even the most complex requirements.
  • Planning and Operation: We ensure the successful management and smooth operation of your projects through detailed planning.
  • Stadium and Facility Management: We offer professional management support for everything from daily operations to major events at your stadium.
  • Stadium Development and Renovation: We're with you at every detail, from installing lighting systems to handling irrigation and drainage systems, from selecting turf to constructing athletics tracks according to IAAF standards. We also modernize your stadium with grandstand seat renovations, capacity increases, and installations of LED displays and scoreboards.
  • Safety and Security: We provide the most advanced security systems and protocols to ensure the safety of your visitors.
  • Crowd Management: Experienced in managing large-scale events, we ensure that every event progresses smoothly.
  • Accessibility and Inclusive Design: We create accessible and barrier-free stadium designs for everyone.
  • Broadcast and Media Operations: We offer full support for broadcasting and media operations to help your events reach a national and international audience.
  • Sustainability: We develop sustainable stadium solutions that adhere to environmental standards.

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How Does Our Stadium Consulting Process Work?

Our stadium consulting process includes the following steps:

  • 1. Needs Analysis and Planning: Every successful project begins with proper planning. At Integral Spor®, we thoroughly analyze your project-specific needs, defining the scope and priorities of your project. This process is crucial for ensuring maximum efficiency and functionality at every stage.
  • 2. Dedicated Project Manager Assignment: To ensure smooth communication and coordination from start to finish, a dedicated project manager is assigned to each project. These managers guide you through every phase of the project, providing consistent support throughout.
  • 3. Feasibility Study and Concept Design: We conduct feasibility studies to assess the economic and technical viability of your projects. In the concept design phase, we develop innovative designs that maximize your project’s potential and align with your vision.
  • 4. Operational Planning and Design: We meticulously plan and design the operational needs of your stadium to manage your events effectively. This process includes event management, visitor flow management, and general facility usage strategies.
  • 5. Construction and Implementation: Your construction process is managed in accordance with industry standards and the established timeline. We ensure the successful completion of your project using high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship.
  • 6. Operations Setup and Staff Training: We install all necessary systems to efficiently operate your stadium and train your staff on how to use these systems. This ensures smooth performance from the start of your operations.
  • 7. Sustainability and Continuous Improvement: We aim to reduce the environmental impact of your projects and offer solutions that meet green building standards. We also continuously seek opportunities to improve your facility over its lifetime, making it more efficient and effective.


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If you want to transform your stadium into a global brand, don't wait any longer. At Integral Spor®, we're just a phone call away. Contact us now at +90 (212) 678 13 13 or send us an email at [email protected]. Remember, the best start for a perfect stadium is with Integral Spor®. Reach out to us for professional support to take your stadium to the next level!

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