Things To Consider When Flooring For Sports Fields

Things To Consider When Flooring For Sports Fields

The quality of the sports activities highly depends on the sports flooring systems. These systems have a quite crucial influence on the athlete’s health. The interaction between sports flooring and athlete’s shoes is the most significant factor in the possible feet and leg injuries. These accidents might cause some serious problems on muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, and cartilages. In light of these unpleasant possibilities, the elasticity of the sports flooring gains huge importance for the athlete’s health. Especially the stretch and friction properties of the sports flooring play quite an essential role to reduce highly possible injuries. If sports court flooring has a good level in terms of elasticity, this feature and low friction level significantly reduce burdens on the bones and joints. While the softer floor might have protective properties against the overdose usage circumstances, the high friction resistance of the sports court flooring might increase the potential injury. On the sports court flooring for these activities, wood, PVC, acrylic, rubber, grass carpet, and so on materials might be preferred using. The first criterion determining which material to use is which sports art is going to be performed on the floor and the second criterion is the location of the sports field as indoor and outdoor areas.


What Kind of Sports Flooring Should Be Used Indoors and Outdoors?

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While in general indoor sports court flooring is covered with wood due to its flexible structure, we might encounter this kind of flooring in dance halls. Maple and oak are among the most common preferred wood materials for sports court flooring. This kind of flooring system is also quite convenient for basketball, volleyball, handball courts, and gymnasiums. On the other hand, PVC sport court flooring is one of the excellent materials to cover indoor sports halls. This type of flooring looks aesthetic and homogeneous and it is a budget-friendly material due to its different color and pattern options and thicknesses in addition to its ease of application. PVC offers a chance to gain a really solid floor with the help of the pure PVC coating wear layer. Being resistant to scratches and hygienic, reducing sound transmission, having shock absorption, low maintenance, and cleaning costs are the most important features that make this type of sports court flooring attractive. It is highly preferred coverage of aerobics, football, gymnastics, yoga halls, basketball, handball, and volleyball courts.


How Many Sports Flooring Systems Are There?

There are many types of flooring systems. The first one is the tartan floor which is extremely preferred due to its high flexibility. Moreover, this flooring system has many attractive features such as impact absorbency, UV resistance, non-deformable structure in thermal differences, hygienic and environmentally friendly, easy to clean, and many others. In general, this sports court flooring can be seen in indoor and outdoor tennis courts, basketball and volleyball courts, track and field tracks, running, walking, and cycling tracks. And the last one is the grass carpet. The system, which consists of polypropylene yarn, offers a very durable floor for football, tennis, and other activities. Due to its high water permeability, it does not lose its performance in areas with heavy rainfall. Thanks to its special lubricating surface, it offers athletes the highest level of performance based on jumping and movement. The athlete-friendly sport court flooring system prevents properties from burning and scratching that may occur due to the lack of freedom of movement. It is preferred in the usage of football fields and tennis courts as you all can guess.


What Types of Sports Flooring Systems Should Be Preferred in Both Indoors and Outdoors?

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In the flooring of both indoor and outdoor sports fields might be a good idea to consider acrylic sports flooring material. This kind of sports court flooring system can be applied on asphalt or concrete ground in 3 mm thickness. Acrylic flooring, which is highly resistant to climatic conditions and thermal changes, looks quite aesthetic and hygienic. If proper maintenance care is applied regularly, it is not going to lose its proper conditions for many years. Because of this budget-friendly aspect, it can be used in many different areas such as basketball, handball, volleyball, bowling, bocce and multi-purpose sports fields, tennis courts, athletics tracks, and so on. Another type of flooring system on the sports fields is polyurethane coating. It is quite effective and protective and so much easier to clean when we compare it with other options. This sports court flooring is applied on concrete surfaces as a cast-in-place and it does not allow the creation of joints. Because of this feature, you cannot see any level difference at the edges of the sports courts. This kind of sports court flooring system allows you to experience a natural movement type for the ball, especially in court games played with the ball. Thanks to its matte paint, it prevents light reflections that might be so distracted for players and athletes. It is not influenced by the pressure of the heavy objects on the floor. As it is coated with polyurethane-based paint, it is extremely resistant paint to scratching. If proper maintenance care is applied regularly, you are not going to experience any loss on its properties for many years.


What Are the Advantages of a Rubber Sports Flooring System?

Rubber sports flooring system is quite suitable for heavy and continuous usage to any degree and this type of flooring system is going to be more durable and long-lasting than all other options in this field. It shows also a high degree of resistance to abrasion like acrylic flooring. But rubber sports flooring has another crucial feature that makes it so attractive when we compare it with other flooring systems. With the help of absorbing impact, rubber sports flooring reduces athlete’s injuries due to falls. It can be preferred for all types of sports activities, which can be both indoor and outdoor games. Because rubber sports flooring allows spreading the ball bouncing over the whole area. With its adjustable stiffness quality, it does not cause muscle and joint fatigue in walking and other activities. Thanks to the grooves designed to pass the water underneath, its surface always remains dry. Rubber sports flooring systems can be used in tennis courts, basketball and multi-purpose sports fields, jogging tracks, athletics tracks, and so on.

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