Best Padbol Court Builder in Spain

Best Padbol Court Builder in Spain

Have you ever heard of padbol? No? Then, you are on the right page! In this article that we have prepared for you, we will focus on what padbol is and how you can get padbol court installation service in the best way!


What is Padbol?

Padbol is a hybrid sport that was developed in La Plata in 2008 and incorporates elements of squash, tennis, volleyball, and football. At the moment, it is generally played in many countries such as Uruguay, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Panama, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.


What Are The Features of Padbol Courts?

A padbol court is a rectangle field with sizes of 10 m x 6m. This field serves as the playing area and it is divided transversely by a network that is supported by two support posts at either end of a wire with a maximum diameter of 1 cm, whose inner faces line up with the court's lateral boundaries. There are two side walls attached to each pediment in each corner of the playing area. The sidewalls and gable should be equal in height and at least 2.50 meters apart. The net height is a maximum of 100 cm at the ends and ranges from 90 to 100 cm in the middle.


What Are The Zone of A Padbol Court?

Service Zone, Reception Zone, and Red Zone are the three zones of padbol courts:

  • The service zone, which is defined by the network's 3.25-meter line, sidewalls, and bottom wall, is where servers must congregate to execute their services.
  • The reception area is situated between the network, the central service line, the line that crosses the track's width from side to side, and any side glass or closed perimeter walls. The lines drawn on the ground are kept in the box of valid lines for a long time.
  • The red zone is the space between the cut and the width of the entire court that serves as a meter for each side's net.


How to Get Padbol Court Service?

If you want to get a padbol court in your area, you must contact an expert padbol court builder. By doing this, you can get premium services and enjoy the game. For example, Integral Spor offers high-quality padbol courts whenever and wherever you need them.


Top Quality Padbol Court Building by Integral Spor

If you also want to get a high-quality padbol court installation service, you may get support from Integral Spor, which is one of the padbol court manufacturers and companies. You will not only use the product for many years but also save money. For this reason, you can get in touch with us or visit our website. You can also create a request by completing the relevant form on our website, or if you want, you can get further information about other services. Our specialists will respond to your questions and forward your requests as soon as they can. You are welcome to ask us any questions you may have regarding the padbol court construction, padbol court cost, maintenance equipment, padbol flooring, and the related process.

We will give you the best service possible for your padbol construction if you contact us thanks to our experience, knowledgeable team, and diligent staff. We also provide support following the application. You can resolve any problems you may have with this support. We are ready to offer the best services that you deserve.

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