High Quality Hockey Field

High Quality Hockey Field

Do you want to own a high quality hockey field? Integral Spor builds high quality hockey fields to give you an enjoyable and high performance hockey game experience. Private sports centers, private residential areas in residential complexes and hockey fields in hotels are generally preferred by our valued customers. You can take your life out of monotony with hockey, which you will play on high quality artificial hockey pitch produced by Integral Spor.

Hockey varies according to the fields in which it is played. For this reason, we can divide the hockey types into three as field hockey, ice hockey and indoor hockey. As Integral Spor, we produce field hockey fields in accordance with THF and IHF standards.

If you want to own a hockey field, you must first decide which type of hockey you have heard about. Because there is more than one type of hockey. There are many types of hockey, including field hockey, ice hockey, road hockey on the track and underwater hockey in the pool. As Integral Spor, we deliver turnkey hockey fields with our expert and experienced team in the field of field hockey.

Although the dimensions of the international hockey field are specified as 40 meters in length and 20 meters in width, we build your hockey fields according to your preference. Integral Spor, one of the leading names in the field of hockey field construction, builds your hockey field as soon as possible and delivers the turnkey to you in the fastest time.


What is Field Hockey?


To define hockey, players try to put a ball in the middle of the opponent's goal with 1 meter sticks with a curved tip and score a goal. Field hockey is the main branch of hockey and also hockey was first played on grass. Many international tournaments related to field hockey are held. Both men and women take part in these tournaments. These tournaments consist of major and prestigious tournaments such as Olympics, world hockey cup and annual world cup.

Field hockey is one of the most popular sports today. Field hockey, one of the most popular sports in the world, is the most popular sports activity after football. Field hockey is played on synthetic turf. Played on synthetic turf, hockey provides high performance to the players. High quality synthetic turf produced by Integral Spor is indispensable in the installation of hockey fields.

Field hockey played on synthetic turf has many advantages. Synthetic turf, which has a flat structure, allows the ball to go faster on them. In addition, synthetic grass is highly resistant to all weather conditions. Therefore, your hockey matches will not be postponed due to any weather conditions. If you want to own a hockey field, you can contact us.


Hockey Field Construction

Hockey field construction has multiple stages. These stages are; environmental iron works, field floor leveling works, drainage works, installation of presentation grass carpets, installation of equipment and lighting in the hockey field. Integral Spor is for you to realize these stages in the fastest and highest quality way.

In field hockey, hockey is played on artificial turf. In field hockey played on artificial turf, the field dimensions are generally 91.40 meters x 55.00 meters, and the goal dimensions are 3.66 meters x 2.14 meters.

In indoor hockey, the field dimensions are maximum 44.00 meters x 22.00 meters, minimum 36.00 meters x 18.00 meters, and goal dimensions are 3.00 meters x 2.00 meters.


The dimensions of the open field hockey played in the Olympic games are also 91,40m x 55.00m. Installations are made in accordance with these dimensions. The hockey played here is also played on artificial turf. For this reason, artificial turf is also installed for the hockey fields played in this area.

The dimensions of indoor hockey vary according to other hockey fields and field hockey equipment. Indoor hockey is generally used as a field of hockey training in preparation for outdoor hockey. These halls are built for the athletes to perform their training in the winter months. Indoor hockey pitches are played on fields measuring a maximum of 44.00m x 22.00m and a minimum of 36.00m x 18.00m.

In line with all this, you are wondering about the cost of the construction of the hockey field. It should be noted that the cost of installing hockey fields varies according to various factors. These factors; We can specify the land conditions where the hockey fields will be built, the size of the hockey field and the type and quality of the artificial turf to be placed on the field.

If you want to have a hockey field according to the dimensions of the international federation standards, you can contact us. In line with your preferences, you can get the best quality and fastest hockey field.

If you want to work with our expert and experienced team in the field of hockey field construction, you can contact us and have more detailed information about the cost of the hockey field, field hockey India, USA field hockey and field hockey turf for home.

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