Grandstand Types & Manufacturing

Grandstand Types & Manufacturing

Grandstands are parts of our lives long before we start to acknowledge them as an element of social events. Rodeo arenas, sports fields where seasonal league matches are held, music events are on the list of where we encounter with a grandstand for the crowd planned to witness the event actively.

Remember the last time you were sitting on the bleachers. Maybe it was a football game of the team you support, or maybe it was a concert held in your city by your favorite music band, or maybe for the circus traveling around the world by visiting various countries. Grandstands surely are memorable parts of the great experience you reminisce.

As humans, it is a fact that we love social events considering our nature. Having fun while mingling with the crowd that shares the same interests with us is an experience that we appreciate. Grandstand stadium can be marked as the most recallable piece of these positive memories we have.

We, as Stila, make these experiences unforgettable with the service and grandstands we provide you with. Aiming to help you create more memories, we are working effectively to introduce quality systems to you.

If you are interested in learning grandstand types more in detail, we invite you to keep on reading this article we prepared for you.


High Quality Grandstand Manufacturing


Trust and best service thanks to the years of experience gained in this sector are the key terms we bear on our minds when we dedicate ourselves to deliver projects we take. Supplying quality products and systems are possible if a company manufactures all products diligently and carry out each process required with great care until the process is completed and the service is provided to the customer.

As a company aware of this rule, ever since 1994, we have been leading this industry by manufacturing all systems we supply in our own factories. Stila is always working hard, following the technology, valuing customer satisfaction, delivering projects according to the customers’ description installed by a professional team. If you have been looking for a grandstand manufacturer to trust for your project, we would love to help you.

If you wish to learn more about the types of stadiums we offer, then let’s cover this topic in the following section.


What Do We Offer to You?

Here, in this section, you can find the types of grandstands our company offers to you. The types of stadiums that our company installs come with various features. All you need to do is to decide on the specifications. The variety of the grandstand seating capacity changing from 5.000 to 30.000 seats that you can select for what you have planned, consisting of modules and selecting a grandstand with or without a ceiling is your choice.

Each module that constitutes the tribune has 100 seats. Length of the tribune can be varied according to your project from 3m/4m to 90m. Also, let us remind you that the color of the seats is totally up to your personal taste, you can pick the best one for you. There are color options in addition to standard colors we offer. Additionally, the seats are all resistant to negative conditions and damages that might occur.

See the types mentioned below:

  • Grandstand Classic
  • Grandstand Curved Ceiling
  • Grandstand Container
  • Grandstand Special

On our website, it is possible to view the products mentioned above more in detail. You are welcome to visit and contact us if you have further questions about our systems.


How to Build a Grandstand?


Building a grandstand is a process that is carried out by experts. Our company is an experienced one in this sector, working effectively for twenty-nine years, building grandstand stadium with a detailed approach to each project we take.

These systems are resistant to any kind of weather. It is possible to place them outdoors for outdoor events and sports as well as indoors. Abrasions or getting scratched, being damaged is not a problem for the grandstand seating we provide since they are all made of quality materials.

As an expert company, our advice to you is to collaborate with an experienced company having a hard-working team with an effective communication skill. Manufacturing and installing a grandstand are a professional duty.

If you are looking for grandstands for sale or used grandstands for sale, contact us to assist you.


Reach Us for High Quality Grandstands!

We would love to hear from you if you have more questions about stadiums. Also, if you are curious about how much does a grandstand will cost you, contact us to get a price offer for your project. You can easily reach us and hear a quote from our expert team by filling out the form given below. We will respond as immediately as possible.

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