Things to Consider in the Care and Use of Fake Grass Rug

Things to Consider in the Care and Use of Fake Grass Rug

Fake grass is an alternative product that is very similar to natural grass in structure and visual. The basic raw material of fake (artificial) grass is oil. Fake grass rugs used in many areas today are preferred outdoors in sports areas and indoors on balconies and terraces.

Fake grass, whose use has increased in recent years, is a reliable flooring material. Providing long-lasting use compared to seasonal natural grass, fake grass can also be cleaned by performing a classic carpet washing process. The use of fake grass does not harm human health.


Where Is Fake Grass Used?

Fake Grass is frequently preferred product for outdoor or indoor sports areas, balconies, and terraces. Its use in carpet pitches and other sports areas is always at a higher rate. Hotel and restaurant owners who want to create a different and natural look can also choose fake grass. This product can be used in fairgrounds, playgrounds, or large pet shops.

Fake grass, which is used for grounding in many places, gives naturalness and a more vivid appearance to the place where it is used. The floors of some villas or private buildings can be completely covered with this lawn.


Why Should Fake Grass Be Preferred?

Fake grass, which is very easy to maintain, is more useful in many ways than natural grass. Since it does not require irrigation in terms of cost, it has an advantage. Natural grass is susceptible to parasites and insects, but fake grass certainly does not create such a situation in regular cleaning. In addition, fake grass, which exhibits its vibrant green colors in all seasons, does not dry out or deform after contact, like natural grass. They are unique products designed to make you feel as if you are walking in a country garden at any time, thanks to fake grasses. Carpets produced with fake grass also create a safe playground for children.


Advantages of Using Fake Grass

There are many advantages to using fake grass. Some of those;

  • It is resistant to seasonal conditions and is not affected by rain.
  • It is a great decoration product with its evergreen and lively appearance.
  • It does not cause any loss of time with its easy-to-clean feature.
  • Maintenance without the expense, irrigation is rare (to cool the surface).
  • No harm to human health has been detected.
  • It provides the opportunity to be disassembled and mounted in different places.
  • It creates an environment in which harmful creatures cannot live.

The advantages of using fake grass are countless. Natural grass is a seasonal product that requires maintenance. It can also contain microbes and insects. On the other hand, fake grass provides a green environment without harming nature and living creatures in nature.


How to Clean Fake Grass?


Fake grass rug can become contaminated through continued use. You can think of it like a normal carpet. You can vacuum with a normal vacuum cleaner and clean with a wet cloth in case of stains. The maintenance of grass carpets is very simple. Especially since the carpets we produce as a fake grass company are anti-bacterial, bacterial growth will definitely be prevented by regular cleaning. The issue to be considered in fake grass cleaning is to prevent bad odors. Since fake grass rugs have a synthetic structure, they can also hold odor. However, odors will be easily removed with regular maintenance.


Fake Grass Care

If you have learned how to clean fake grass, maintenance will be very easy for you. In fact, the top priority of grass care is routine cleaning. Granular supplementation and irrigation are the next steps.

With the granules added to the floor after it is mounted, the floor is provided to create a flat and smooth appearance. When this process, which is very important for increasing the durability of fake grass, is repeated at regular intervals, the life of the grass will increase. If a synthetic field is used, granule reinforcement can be applied twice a year.

Irrigation corrects the deformation of the ropes of the fake grass. Watering the grass, which softens and bends due to sunlight and loses its old appearance, can be returned to the first day.


Is Fake Grass Affected by Sun and Rain?

Fake grass rugs are more advantageous than natural turf in terms of rainfall. Grass rugs are hardly affected by rain. The grass rug, which dries itself thanks to the holes on the floor after the rain, provides great convenience to the user in this regard.

When we come to the subject of sun exposure, there are two situations. Classic decorative grass rugs are affected by the sun's UV rays, they fade, and their ropes soften and bend. However, the fake grass we offer as a company is extremely resistant to sunlight. Our company offers you the use of long-lasting and high-quality fake grass rugs by meticulously making fake grass flooring processes in many areas, from your sports areas to your home.


Points to be Considered in the Use of Fake Grass

If you use fake, artificial, or otherwise known synthetic grass, there are some issues you need to be aware of. First of all, hefty loads should not be placed on the grass so that the structure of the grass is not damaged. This is because synthetic grass is a processed product with a petroleum structure and is affected by pressure.

Another point to be considered in using this grass is to keep animals such as cats and dogs away from the grass. These products, which we have stated that parasites will not occur under normal conditions, can be contaminated by ticks or fleas carried by cats and dogs. When such situations occur, you do not have to worry, and you can easily clean all your fake grass products using soap and water.

Chemical substances should not be used in the cleaning of fake grass. It should be kept in mind that these substances can damage the grass structure. In addition, the grass should not be approached with fire. Although our products are made of flammable materials, when the temperature level exceeds a certain degree, it can cause damage to your lawn.


What are Fake Grass Costs?

Fake grass sales are determined according to the material that needs to be used in the installation area. In fake grass pricing, a fee is determined per square meter. Since there are many different fake grass structures on the market, we cannot give exact information. In addition, we cannot say a clear figure, as there is fake grass cost, which vary according to square meters and the type of grass to be used. If you are looking for both high-quality and affordable fake grass, you can easily find the product suitable for you on our company's website in minutes. You can use our fake grass, which you will pay a cost once, for more than years.


Fake Grass Design and Maintenance Services


We deliver the fake grass you will buy from our company in the best possible way. We mount the grass in the structure you want, in the size you want, wherever you prefer. Our services do not end with these. As a company, we design your grass rugs in the best way and take care of them when necessary. It covers the structure you want with unique products produced in our organization; We replace damaged, worn, or damaged parts with new ones.

As a company, we care about the aesthetic appearance of the area you live in. We enable you to achieve a green environment by laying your walls, floors, or fences with fake grass. While doing this, we never harm nature or your health.


Perfect Environments with Top Quality Fake Grass

You can buy fake grass products that can be used harmoniously in different environments in any shape and size you want. In addition, our company personnel will assist you with issues such as laying and maintenance. Fake grass is a recent trend decoration product, which attracts attention with its usage area and long life.

If you want to maximize your profits by investing in your sports fields or add a new atmosphere to your private areas, you can contact our company to use our company's grass rugs and other fake grass products. You can get service from our company to equip your living place with green and natural colors. By visiting right now, you can have artificial turf with the highest quality and lifelike appearance!

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