Do you want to make football carpet field investment?

Do you want to make football carpet field investment?

Do you want to invest in football carpet field? Operating a football carpet field is both profitable and very enjoyable. If you do the work you love, you will always enjoy working in this life. Where to set it up, is it profitable, what is required to set it up, what are the important thing before setting up a football carpet field?

Must be in an accessible place; if you are going to build a football carpet field, you should be in an area where people can easily reach. If you don’t think everyone has a personal car, it would make more sense to set up a football carpet pitch in an area near public transport. In the meantime, some football carpet pitches offer a transport service opportunity for the customers to make it easier. Of course, the cost of the football carpet field in the city center will be high. Transport service is very valuable if you do not want people to go with public transport.

Customer Potential; It is ideal for football carpet areas where young populations live. In particular, places with high potentials such as school environments, dormitories, university areas can be preferred. The way to win the customer; the activities of attracting people within the field and organizing tournaments.

Determine the size of the field; how big is the area to build a carpet field? This should be clarified beforehand. Sometimes the pitch can be made at the actual size of the stadium and can be separated by creating several sites on it. If desired, matches can be made to the size of the large stadium. You can rent the land as you can buy it.

Do you want to make football carpet field investment?

How to Make a Football Carpet Field; Football carpet fields can be made in two different ways. You should decide whether to do the indoor or outdoor carpet. You should know the climate of your area. If you have a hot climate such as Antalya, it is better outdoor, but rainy or cold climate such as Erzurum, it is better indoor.

Build a Social Life Area on a Carpet Field; those who come to the field don’t just come to the match. People who come to the facility to socialize, while sipping tea and coffee, can watch the matches. The dressing room, the shower areas and the cafeteria on the side of the football carpet area should be very clean and beautiful. Football carpet field cafes usually have big screen TVs and people can watch the matches. If the facilities that provide a serious additional income to the football carpet field are well maintained and good, many people come.

Artificial turf used in the field should be of high quality. As non-quality artificial lawns wear out quickly, the return rate and profitability of your investment is almost impossible. Football carpet fields are rented hourly, morning and evening tariffs may be different due to the use of light. Football carpet fields usually do more work at weekends and evenings. If you are going to establish a football carpet field, you should prefer firms that produce quality products and do their job with expertise.

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