Top Quality Baseball Field Construction

Top Quality Baseball Field Construction

The baseball field consists of a square field and each square is 27 meters long. At the same time, the distance between the ball thrower and the kicker is known as 18 square meters. In baseball, the field is divided into two, and the field divided into two is called indoor and outdoor. Thus, there are 4 castles on a baseball field. It should be noted that in baseball, the first offense is reserved for the visiting team. The home team has the second attack right.

As we stated above; Baseball is one of the important sports that should be played meticulously. One of the most important factors for playing baseball with a high performance is the structure of the field and the structure of the grass on the field ground. As Integral Spor, we are building baseball fields where you can play baseball with high performance. In addition, Integral Spor prefers artificial turf carpet floors specially produced for baseball in the baseball fields it has built. In this way, our valued customers who prefer Integral Sports will not only play baseball with a high performance, but also avoid possible accidents with minimum damage. Because Integral Spor artificial turf, which is produced in a special way for baseball, increases the performance of athletes and protects them against damage.

Integral Spor has been in the leading position in the artificial turf baseball field installation for many years. We build a baseball field and deliver the keys to our valued customers as soon as possible. You can continue reading our article for detailed information!


Artificial Turf Baseball Field


Artificial turf carpet is one of the most important issues in the construction of baseball fields. Baseball is one of the sports that requires running fast. The floor must not be slippery in any way. Thanks to the artificial turf produced by Integral Spor, you will be able to run fast while playing baseball and at the same time you will not suffer any injuries due to the slipping of the ground! In this way, you will be able to safely practice baseball. With the artificial turf we have produced as Integral Spor and the turf baseball field that we have installed, your injury rate is minimized. You will exhibit a more enjoyable and high-performance baseball game with our turf baseball field that we have built with the latest technology together with our expert and experienced team.

The problems related to the baseball game are minimized in the baseball fields established with synthetic turf. In addition, many problems arise in baseball games played on natural grass. One of them is the heel bounce rate. Baseball fields built with natural grass do not have a smoother surface, so the ball bounces at different rates each time. However, in baseball fields built with artificial turf, the flat and smooth ground allows you to play with high performance. In addition, the synthetic turf we have produced as Integral Spor is produced with UV protection technology and its quality and durability will be permanent for many years.

If you also want to artificial turf baseball field installation Integral Spor will be the right choice for you. If you want to get detailed information about our baseball fields, you can contact us.


Baseball Field Construction

Baseball field construction is a process that must be carried out meticulously and carefully. If you want to experience a high performance and a safe gaming experience, Integral Spor will be the right choice for you. Integral Spor, which installs baseball fields not only in Turkey but also in many parts of the world, installs baseball fields with high quality artificial turf. The installation of baseball fields, which are generally preferred by our customers for hotels or private institutions, is carried out by our professional team.

We prefer Super C artificial turf carpets for the floor coverings of our baseball fields. This grass has 100% PE monofilament yarn and has an extraordinary natural grass look. Thanks to its high UV resistance, it preserves its color for a long time. Even if it is used for years, it is an artificial grass carpet with high abrasion, wear and friction resistance. Thanks to its flexible design, it is full and has an aesthetic appearance.


We can list the stages of baseball field construction as follows;

  • Environmental iron works,
  • Carrying out lighting works,
  • Performing site floor leveling works,
  • Performing drainage works,
  • Making artificial turf carpet works
  • Equipment assemblies

You can also contact us for high quality baseball field construction. As Integral Spor, we are leading in turf baseball field design. One of our most important goals is to provide you with quality and fast service with our expert and experienced team.

If you, our valued customers, want to be involved in the construction phase of the baseball field, to get detailed information about the properties of the baseball field and the cost of the construction of the baseball field, as well as to work with our experienced team, together with Integral Spor, our leading company in the sector, you can fill out the form below for detailed information. As the Integral Spor family, one of the leading baseball field construction companies, we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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