High Quality Badminton Court Construction

High Quality Badminton Court Construction

Badminton is usually played in a special badminton court, because even the slightest gust of wind can affect the shuttlecock's trajectory. It is a sport that is easy to learn and can be played by people of all ages. The fact that it appeals to every denominator of the society is one of the main reasons for its popularity today. Badminton, which can be played with two opponent areas and a net separating these areas, and a ball, has a game concept based on sending the ball to the opponent's court area. A point is scored when the ball remains on the opponent's court.


Badminton Field Dimensions

badminton court construction

As in most sports, badminton is played on pitches with standards. The field is in the form of a rectangle marked with 40 mm wide lines, and it is divided into two equal parts to form two competing fields. The dimensions of the field vary according to single or double player matches. The field, which is 5.18 x 11.88 m in singles, is 6.10 x 13.40 m in doubles matches. The field is divided into two equal parts by a net. The side of each square of badminton net made of dark colored rope or dark plastic material is between 1.5 and 2 cm. The upper limit of the net, which has a height of 76 cm from the ground, is 155 cm at the poles. In the middle of the net, this height must be at least 152.4 cm.
To make sure that the height of the net is 1.55 meters at the posts and 1.524 meters in the middle, it must be tightly stretched. All lines are 4 centimeters wide. In badminton, we as Integral Spor which has already completed many different badminton court in Istanbul as well as in the USA, the UK, Morocco, Russia, Serbia, Algeria, Portugal, Italy and France, differentiate between the playing area for a single or a double. The field for a single outdoor badminton court construction details are 5.18 m wide and 13.4 m long.


The Goal of Badminton as A Game

The aim is to place the ball over the net on the field in such a way that the guest cannot play the ball back before it falls on the ground. A fault is, for example, if the ball lands outside the field during the game, is played through the net or under the net or lands on the ground. Further if a player touches the shuttlecock twice in a row. Situations in which the ball touches the edge of the net and still lands in the field of the guest are permitted, even when serving. Service rules are as below:

  • Server stands with both feet inside the field, opposite service fields, not on the lines. The ball should hit below the server's waist.
  • The foot (cork) of the shuttlecock must be hit first.
  • The entire club head must be below the waist of the server at the moment of contact with the ball.

In order to experience a high-quality game, you need to work with an experienced company on badminton court construction field. Especially indoor badminton court construction details require a professional planning skill and expert attitude. Therefore you need to consider more the quality of badminton court construction services than indoor badminton court construction cost.

indoor badminton court

Players in an indoor badminton court are usually stronger and can thus achieve stronger attacks. This type of game therefore requires greater tactical understanding and subtle positional play from both players. At the higher level of play, the formations are usually more flexible, meaning that top female badminton players are able to play powerful strokes from behind the field whenever necessary.


Badminton Court Flooring Systems

Badminton players make great demands on badminton flooring. A Badminton court floor must be shock absorbent to protect players' joints from impact injuries. The shock-absorbing spring badminton floor allows players to perform at their best.

Due to the pace of the game, the wooden floor should have a uniform color where the opposing racket can be easily seen. We manufacture specialist solid hardwood badminton flooring systems that are recommended for all levels of play, from elementary to elite level. Leading sports universities use our sports floors for badminton coaching and competition. Our parquet flooring panels provide an excellent badminton playing surface. If you are very interested in badminton, we as Integral Spor are ready to provide you the most detailed information about our offers and badminton court construction estimate as well as badminton court construction materials we prefer using due to the quality level. Also you can check our other articles about badminton court size and construction steps.

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