What Features Should a Quality Astro Turf Have?

What Features Should a Quality Astro Turf Have?

Astro turf; It is a product known by different names such as fake grass, artificial turf, or grass rug. Fake grass, which is used as an alternative to natural grass, especially for sports and field floors, and obtained from materials that do not harm the environment in any way, has an extremely natural appearance. In this direction, it is possible to state that it appears as a long-lasting grass variety clearly.

When viewed from the outside, fake grass models, which are not seen differently from natural grass in any way, have a much stronger structure than natural grass. In this context, it is possible to understand that it is produced with the superior technology with polymer yarns in its structure. Astro turf models, which are used for decorative purposes and different purposes, have an intensive use area.

Why is Astro Turf Preferred in Sports Complexes?

It is always possible for both teams to play in good and fair conditions on astro turf. While natural grass will wear out after about 300 game hours per season, fake grass is suitable for playing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Astro turf is not affected by air and wind, and the drainage system is effective in rainy weather. In addition, dry air does not affect the quality of the lawn. There is no puddle on astro turf as well as on natural turf. It is not found in muddy areas caused by rain like natural grass. Accordingly, you do not have to cancel matches with astro turf due to bad weather conditions, and you can always train on turf.

Astro turf requires little maintenance. It is sufficient for cleaning the astro turf. So astro turf; they do not need such as cutting, fertilizing, and irrigation. However, unlike astro turf, natural grass requires a lot of work, time, and money. If you take good care of astro turf, it will last 15 years with the sports specs maintained.

Fake grass takes up less space than natural grass. Fake grass saves space. Fake grass has the same capacity as three natural grass. It can also be used for a variety of sports, training, and competitions.

In addition to sports complexes, astro turf rugs are also used in gardens and terraces. Would you like to enjoy your garden more? Astro turf is the perfect solution. In some places, conditions are unfavorable, especially for natural grass. For example, consider the grass under the swing or bustling pool. Using real grass in these areas can cause various problems. However, there are other uses of astro turf. Maybe it's possible to spruce up the rooftop terrace, make sure you don't have to mow the grass in the garden or the field, or spice things up with a little green in the work area. Although today's astro turf products look very natural, they are environmentally friendly. There is no waste of water, and you do not need to use pesticides. Considering this aspect, areas made of astro turf for our children will produce much better results.


Features of Astro Turf Rugs


It is possible to talk about the various features of astro tuf rugs. These features provide many advantages to individuals. Now let's examine the astro turf rug features in detail.

- Requires Less Maintenance

One of the main features of astro turf is that it requires almost no maintenance or treatment. Many processes such as irrigation, mowing, and even disinfection are maintenance elements of natural turf. There are no such maintenance operations in astro turf.

- Resistant and Durable

One of the most important features of astro turf models is that they are resistant and durable. The high resistance of grass allows it to maintain its green and bright color while at the same time helping it to be preserved for years, even in harsh weather conditions.

- Reasonable price

Saving an affordable price is one of the most important advantages of astro turf. The price of astro turf has an indisputable feature and benefit. It is possible to save even the water you would spend for the compulsory irrigation of natural grass, with costs such as equipment, gardener needs, and fertilization in maintenance processes.

In addition to these, you will not have to spend a long time for maintenance in your garden. This is known as a feature that saves you considerable time and personal investment. You can have green and bright grass every day throughout the year. You do not need to make any effort in this direction.

- Easy Application

One of the most important features of astro turf models is that they are easy to apply. The range of application possibilities for the product is extremely wide. In this context, it is used where appropriate and becomes an extremely attractive alternative.


How Should Astro Turf Care Be?

We have stated that there are applications that do not require installation of astro turf installation. However, astro turf maintenance should be done because it is in the open air and constantly dusted. Dust on astro turf rugs models should be cleaned professionally. You can wash astro turf rug if you wish. In this way, you can obtain much cleaner astro turf and continue to use your grass rugs reliably. You can also get support from our company for the maintenance and cleaning of your astro turf.


When Is It Appropriate To Use Astro Turf?


The use of astro turf indoors or in public places is recommended in certain situations, namely in the following situations:

  • If there are constant difficulties in natural turf management;
  • If you live in an area where heat or cold, humidity or drought is a constant problem;
  • If the problem of the presence of insects such as mosquitoes, ants, bees, and flies is common, it is therefore imperative to resort to pesticides and pesticides every year;
  • If you have certain allergies such as hay fever;
  • If you want to limit the environmental impact;
  • If you do not have time to do regular garden maintenance and want to have a garden that is always perfect, using astro turf will be the right choice for you.


Astro Turf Prices

Astro turf price has been among the frequently wondered topics recently. One of the important questions asked by individuals who want to have astro turf models, "How much are astro turf prices?" It is not possible to give a clear answer to the question. But if you want to get professional information about astro turf prices and have the highest quality products, you are at the right place. The only thing you need to do is contact us to have detailed information about astro turf prices.

Although the turf laying process is considered a straightforward process by many investors, it is not as easy as it seems. Because you should know that every mistake made in the application will lead you to extra cost and defective investment, you should not forget that achieving perfection in the planning phase will make your project more profitable and sustainable. Within the framework of our astro turf applications, we provide the best quality response to your requests and ensure that you achieve success in your project. In this sense, you can contact our company, providing the highest quality services to its customers since the day it was founded. All you have to do is visit our website and talk to our experts!

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