Through Which Stages is Indoor Astro Pitch Made? Through Which Stages is Indoor Astro Pitch Made?

Football facilities and indoor and outdoor astro pitches have become widespread and in accordance, people began to have more interest in playing football. This situation has created a steady increase in sports fields.

Basically there are two different types of astroturfs which are indoor and outdoor astro pitches. Indoor astro pitches are preferred more especially in regions where there are difficult climatic conditions. Thus, what must be done and which steps should be followed to establish an indoor astro pitch? Let's examine them.

Preparation of Sub-structure

First and the important stage for indoor astro pitch is related with preparation of the substructure. To have a solid ground and to have a smoother one, it is needed for a very good compaction to be done by using a vibrating roller. At the surrounding of ground at zero level, molds are placed by digging a foundation.

Iron bars should be laid inside the molds and PVC pipes must be added in the beam for drainage. Thus, when water comes on the ground or the field is washed, it is ensured that the water on it gets discharged. After this, a concrete beam is formed and compacted well.

Iron and Steel Works

Plates which are carved in the line around the field must be attached to pipes having a height of 4 meters and their upper parts must be fixed by using sheet plates. Scissors are placed at the top of the sheet plates above the vertical pipes and the pipes are fixed horizontally on the scissors.Hinged doors and field posts are made by using pipes at the place desired. Features of the pipes being used can vary depending on the condition of the project.

Wire Mesh and Net Assembly

After adding horizontal and vertical poles around the field, it must be surrounded with wire mesh. Poles being used should become resistant to corrosion by means of dipping galvanized. Wire mesh should be mounted around the poles with terminals. Perimeter of the field must be covered with polyamide yarn with size of 15 x 15 cm, and the goals must be covered with nets having size of 12 x 12 cm.

Artifical Turf Labor

A field with a much better quality can be obtained by laying the artificial turf floor with shockpad materials. Although the costs increase a little more, by using shockpad material, a much more comfortable area is created where injuries will be experienced less.If the shockpad is not used, crushing should be done by pouring stone chips on the floor. Afterwards it must be wetted and the felt should be laid on the top. After the felt is properly laid, grass carpet is placed. joints are glued in an invisible wayby using very strong special adhesives.Afterwards the field lines are drawn as per the standards. Granule pouring process is realized, making the field become more useful and keeping it durable for a long time. At least 6 kg of granules should be poured per 1 m2. Spilled granules should be fed in an even way into the lawn by using special tools. After this process is done, the ground of the field becomes ready.

Completion of Indoor Field

Astro pitches are mainly used in the evening times. People spend time at astro pitches after their work or on weekends. Hence, a good lighting system should be used to illuminate the field in the evenings. Equal number of LED lights are placed around it in accordance with the size of the field.These LED lights are placed on special posts which are put at the top of the field posts. Following the light placement, light must be distributed all over the field in an even way. As the size of the field increases, the light power needed increases exponentially. Many very powerful LED lights are used in football fields where live broadcasts are made.

Indoor and outdoor astro pitch construction include works requiring expertise. As it is the situation in any job, it has its subtleties. The workforce and quality of the correct and balanced material being used determines the quality of the field. The materials can be very good, but if the workmanship is not good, a quality field can not be had.In the other scenario, regardless of how good the workmanship is, if the materials are chosen badly or incorrectly, a desired field will not come out. Being balanced in both aspects and making the right selection by making research will bring you to a field of the quality you want.